New Balance has always been a shoe that’s quite there but never really there in the level of fanaticism that the Jordans and the Superstars have, yet there is something special with the brand that propels you to rock a pair. It’s simple, stylish and with less hype that it acts more as a functional fare next to the fashion factor.

Yeah sure, we can always keep the “Holy Grails” for the occasional wear, but when it comes to “those days” where you just wanna go up and get the job done, I’m sure, you’re not rocking the Supreme or the Chunky Dunkys—you just want a practical pair that plays the part.


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As of recent, we have been seeing new colorways beginning to emerge for the 327 sneaker silhouette as we recently featured, even taking sneakerheads here in the PH on a sudden hype train.

The shoes look like they demand to be rocked and pounded unlike hype grails that look better when flexed or on the shelf. These look perfect for long walks and even bike rides. Practical and simple with the intention of being worn all day every day.

With sneaker tastes now gravitating to less expensive models and brands with the exclusive and rare taking a bit of a backseat, consumers are becoming more and more frugal with rockable shoes perfect for the daily routine.

One of the brands that are gathering attention as of late is New Balance, based in Boston is showing no signs of slowing down with more interesting colorways on the nicely elevated sneaker.

They have blessed us with yet three trailblazing colorways in time for the season. These new colorways boast of highly saturated suede panels showing no shame in bright tones.

All three versions for this batch bring forth a unique design twist to the iconic 327 that range from the muted to super day-glow hues that look like they came straight out of an 80’s TV series.

All of the variations present in this release offer a distinctive spin on the heritage-indebted 327, All three of them are uniformly accessorized with white laces, tongue tags, and midsoles, topped off with sexy gum soles, a staple sneakerhead favorite.

All these New Balance 327 models are available on mita sneakers’ website, which hopefully may turn up in our shores next.

How about you? Are there other brands aside from Nike and adidas that have caught your fancy when the New Normal thing kicked in? Is it the price? The functionality? We’d love to hear from you.



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