Just a week ago, Levi’s and LEGO announced they would be collaborating for a very unique collection where denim meets plastic. Many fans were left on the edge of their seats as the details were very scarce and they did not know what to expect. Thankfully, we now have all the answers to our questions regarding the collection set to drop early October.

The newest Levi’s x LEGO collab will feature a wide range of products, from accessories to clothing, and from denim to cotton. Furthermore, in true LEGO fashion, most pieces from the collection are equipped with flexible LEGO panels—a first for the brand, allowing you to make custom designs using the included LEGO dots. Check out the collection below!

The main colors found in this collection are in line with LEGO’s popular base colors of red, yellow, blue, and green. With these colors incorporated in different ways, the collection provides the choice of rocking a louder or more lowkey outfit.

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The centerpieces of the collection’s apparel are both classic denim items. The iconic stonewash trucker jacket and 501 93 straight jeans meet a LEGO twist. The trademark Levi’s branding found in the inner collar of the jacket and rear waist of the jeans is replaced with the first-ever LEGO panels. It’s now up to you what you choose to design!

For lighter options, the collection also includes a hoodie, long sleeves, and a t-shirt. The hoodie features a color block design using LEGO’s most-used colors. The graphic tee combines a LEGO brick with Levi’s branding, all against a bright yellow backdrop. As for the long sleeves, there is a red and white option, the red having thicker material, and the white being more suitable for warmer weather.

The accessories of this drop come in the form of a bright yellow beanie and a navy blue cap. Like the rest of the collection’s items, these accessories are fully customizable through the LEGO panel found on the front of both products. While the navy blue color stands out from the rest of the collection, the bright yellow beanie shares the same hue of the graphic tee.

Last, but not the least, the collection also features two fanny packs and a vest with incorporated compartments. Arguably the most interesting piece of the collection, the vest-like contraption definitely stands out. It includes several zippers, padding, and garterized nets designed to store whatever it is you may be carrying with you.

This collaboration is one of the most exciting drops for 2020! Let us know if you’re planning on copping any of the pieces above!


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