It’s a given fact: any collaboration with the likes of Undefeated will generate a lot of buzz. This as been evident with the Starbucks x Undefeated collection, where the collection was sold out as early as 6am here in the Philippines. Those who were not lucky (the author included) ended up getting them at resell prices or source them abroad.

The whole Undefeated x Starbucks collab is still on a roll, as the famous streetwear brand has another collection, this time involving workout apparel. We kid you not: this is probably one of the very rare instances that Starbucks has a collab that involves apparel.

If you are curious, this collab is meant to debut a line of performance-focused apparel and merch that is called UACTP—short for Undefeated Action Capabilities Training Program.

There are two collections under the UACTP line. The one Undefeated has released so far includes white tees and green long-sleeved shirts with the UACTP logo and Undefeated’s iconic five strikes logo. The other one, which is called the Green-Lined series, features logo tees, camp caps, and water bottles (the same one that dropped in the Philippines)—all decked in tonal black with Undefeated branding in neon green.

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“The Starbucks X Undefeated designer collaboration is an ode to their shared passion for creativity and innovation, empowering customers to embrace and hone their own style,” Undefeated said in a statement.

Unlike with the tumbler collection, both apparel collections are exclusive to Undefeated Japan’s shops in Harajuku, Meiji-dori, and Shibuya, and at Undefeated’s online store in Japan.


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