Beyond being practically every yuppie’s go-to coffee of choice, Starbucks is a culture by itself. It is a brand that is omnipresent wherever you go. Beyond its brand essence, Starbucks constantly transforms its image—some of its recent collabs (like the one with Herschel) helps in making it attractive to millennials and gen Zers who are a big fan of fashion brands.

Starbucks is not stopping there. In fact, it teamed up with Undefeated for a collection that focuses on a polarizing black and neon green color palette.

The thought of a coffeeshop brand teaming up with a popular streetwear brand may sound peculiar, but we kid you not: the collection itself looks really awesome!

For its beverage holder collection, you get a 16oz stainless steel tumbler, 16oz stainless steel cold cup, 12oz double wall mug, and a 20oz stainless steel bottle. All four are dressed in matte black with a loud Undefeated branding in neon green. The minimalist design makes it a statement piece, especially for those who are big fans of Undefeated.

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The same black and neon green color blocking also applies on the notebook, cap, tote bag, and pouch set. If you want that classic five strikes logo, you better get the cap—not gonna lie, but that cap has more flex cred than your typical New Era snapback.

Of course, if being a barista is your passion AND you want a hype fit, the collab also includes an apron with both Starbucks and Undefeated branding on it. Dope fit for making a nice cup of coffee? They got you fam.

Digging the collection? As of this writing, it is available at select Starbucks stores in Peninsular Malaysia today and at East Malaysia on July 14. No word yet on a local release, but we really, really hope to snag any of the pieces in this out-of-the-box collab. In case you are wondering, here are the prices:

Apron – RM108(~Php 1.3k)

Cap – RM58(~Php 700)

Notebook – RM88(~Php 1.1k)

Pouch Set – RM108(~Php 1.3k)

Tote Bag – RM98(~Php 1.2k)

Tumbler – RM138(~Php 1.6k)

Cold Cup – RM148(~Php 1.8k)

Double Walled Mug – RM138(~Php 1.6k)

Water Bottle – RM168(~Php 2k)


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