Since Virgil Abloh took over Louis Vuitton, many were caught leftfield yet many were curious as to how wild his ideas can be. But after two years, it would be safe to say that his creative push towards the luxury brand breathed new life into it, making it even more exciting and less predictable.


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Coming from his streetwear roots, the designer is paying tribute to skate fashion and functionality with “A View”. part high fashion, part skate, all promising- probably the future of luxury brands is here!

It was created with and for the pro skater Lucien Clarke. The said shoe seems like a throwback tribute to old school fat skate shoes from the likes of DC Shoes, Etnies, DVS and a lot more others. The overall look promises a chunky fat shoe that combines the gritty past of the skate scene with today’s high fashion/streetwear aesthetic.

The Louis Vuitton logo is an attention grabber as a cursive counterpart gives it an overall classy feel–a contrast with its otherwise streetwise look.

The colorways are expected to arrive for the luxury brand’s Pre-Spring 2021 line-up.

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