Regardless if you will call Supreme a sell out, the streetwear brand still has a stellar record when it comes to tees, and their Winter 2020 collection is no exception. For this collection, you get 9 different designs with varying color options. While not all of those tees will make you hit it big (if reselling is your thing), we select our top picks from this collection:

That overlapping BOGO design. BOGO tees are a no-brainer for any Supreme fan, and this unique take makes it even more interesting. This is a relatively good option IF you want that BOGO tee without paying ridiculous resell prices. *corsses fingers*.

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That Mariah Carey Christmas Greetings tee. It is the Christmas season, and a bunch of us know that Mariah Carey is one of the more popular artists during this season (and this is one of the main reasons). So why not cop a ‘Preme tee with Mariah dressed in Christmas clothes, right?

A tee that reminds us of…Dropout Bear. The majority of Kanye West fans know that he made the Dropout Bear popular during his early music years, and this particular Supreme tee does remind us of that. That “protection from suckas” tagline is something Kanye would also say, right?

This trippy graphic tee. Keeping things simple, this graphic goes for a trippy silhouette of a human, along with a small Supreme branding. Less is more, right?

This logo-laden (in the back) tee. While you get a simple Supreme BOGO in the front, it is the back part of this tee that makes it all interesting.

If you dig any of the tees here, do note that they will drop at Supreme’s website on December 17 in the US and December 19 in Japan.


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