The Dunk has been atop the sneaker pile this year. From the loudest to the most subtle, safe to say that there is a dunk for everyone. Sneaker store/collaborator Bodega is definitely on it with a collaboration to keep the momentum going with their very own Nike Dunk. This one leaked back in October–but this is the first time we are seeing it in its full detailed glory.

And if you are into layers and textures, then this shoe is right up your alley. This shoe is an extreme mix of leathers and suedes. An earth-colored beauty with flaps, tassels and other stuff that  that will be more appreciated more as it ages. Colored in “Fauna Brown” with “Rustic” and “Velvet Brown” accents, this shoe just gets better from there with jeweled swooshes, debossed branding and loops adorn the earthy affair.

The tongues highlight “Bodega” and “Hidden In Plain Sight” and feature red insoles. One special element to be included are the red bandanas that commemorate both brand’s years of origin- 2006 and 1972.

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This is where the dunk truly shines when it becomes a canvas for creativity, it truly shines and becomes true collectibles, regardless of the hype or not.

No launch date just yet, but this special pair will be priced at $120(~Php 5.8k), watch out for it!

While you’re on the waiting game, do check out the Christmas collection from Supreme here. 


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