Virgil Abloh never runs out of ideas. The latest manifestation of his creative mind was recently debuted at the Louis Vuitton Menswear Spring 2022 runway show in Paris, which took place on June 24. Specifically, it was a series of 21 unique versions of the Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1. The coverage of this unveiling has quickly garnered much attention in the sneaker industry as fans and sneakerheads are eager to get their hands on pretty much any of the pairs.

At first glance, it is evident that these series of sneakers don’t boast the same type of elegance usually seen on Louis Vuitton products. While this is the doing of Virgil Abloh himself, it is refreshing to see how fashion is ever-evolving. In fact, the excessive Damier patterns, LV monogram print, doubled-up tongues, Helvetica text, and printed graffiti pay homage to the garish aesthetic of bootleg culture. As we all know, bootlegs have made a rise in recent times, which is why the application of similar design elements within this collection of the Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1 just makes sense.

The closest thing we’ve seen to this upcoming collection are past releases of the Nike Air Force 1 x Off-White. However, a big change we can expect from the two collections is a difference in price. Considering the past silhouettes of Nike Air Force 1 x Off-White were manufactured by Nike, a retail price a little below $200 dollars fit their usual pricing strategy. On the other hand, now that the collection is being manufactured by Louis Vuitton, it is probable that the retail price will look a little more like upwards of $1000.

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With that being said, small resellers will have a difficult time acquiring several pairs of this upcoming collection due to the costly price, but bigger resellers are a different story. Judging from the hype the teasers have garnered in the past days, there is a big potential for resale prices to retail prices, even if it is already high.

Are you excited about this collection? Let us know! In other sneaker news, SBTG Brings Back his Nike SB Dunk for His Debut NFT Drop.


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