Toys are basically material manifestations of our childhood fantasies. Because of size and manufacturing constraints, fans have learned to compromise and settle for less—usually going for the familiar 6-inch figure.

Toy giant Hasbro has just dropped an exclusive timelapse video of their upcoming  Galactus toy, which is their most anticipated figure yet. Their upcoming Marvel Legends Galactus figure towers at 32-inches tall and is made of over 300 individual pieces. Aside from being so darn big, this 32-inch Galactus figure comes with 70 articulation points, along with three swappable faces and LED lights on the head and chest.

If you’re into toys for the showroom, then this will fit the bill just right. Take note that this is their biggest version of the character and probably their most ambitious yet. 

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Heralded as the Devourer of Worlds, the 32-inch Galactus figure was available on the Hasbro Pulse website as a pre-order until August 30 for $399.99(~Php 20k). if you really want him, the secondary market awaits you with open arms once units drop—but be ready to spend extra.

Hasbro promised that the giant Marvel Legends Galactus figure will go into full production if it reaches its 14,000 target backers—and the good news is that it’s fully funded and ready to go.

The timelapse video shows the Galactus prototype in all its glory. If you’re a Marvel fan, then the mere sight of this one will excite you to the nines! After all, it is rare for you to see one build a humongous 32-inch figure, right?

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