Are these Fast Food Comebacks Making You Hungry?

Fast Food Comebacks

The satisfaction is real whenever you eat the favorite dish you’re craving for, all the more, if you’ve been craving them for years. Recently, fast food comebacks have become a thing, with leading retainers surprising their customers online with the announcement. While some are here to stay for good, most will be only available for a limited time. If you’re feeling the urge to get your hands on some offerings that are still available, we suggest ordering asap before quarantine measures and other restrictions limit deliveries and other modes of ordering.

KFC Double Down

No rice? No problem. Not when KFC’s Double Down is on the menu anyway. Recently, KFC made it available briefly in selected stores from August 27-29. Its fans rejoiced at the chance to indulge. Can you blame them? Imagine spoiling yourself with KFC’s glorious and flavorful chicken fillet, sandwiching bacon, cheese, and mayonnaise.  Too short a comeback, don’t you think? 

To be fair with KFC, however, you can still grab that Double Down as of this writing, so you can still satisfy your carnivorous cravings.

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McDonald’s Twister Fries

It’s been gone for two years, but now it’s back—until they take it away again. McDonald’s Philippines made the announcement last September 13, while its launch happened on the 15th. The McDonald’s twister fries has become a seasonal favorite known for its distinct flavor and crunch. It is available nationwide via takeout, drive-thru, and delivery services including GrabFood, McDelivery, and foodpanda.

Jollibee Honey Beef


The 90s favorite is back and is available through the Jollibee App,,  #87000, GrabFood, or foodpanda, and is available in Metro Manila and Luzon stores only. The unique offering mixes its sweet-salty sauce with the contrast of onion, tender beef strips, and glutinous rice.  The result is a highly-addicting comfort food you can’t help but crave. 

Jollibee Ultimate Burger Steak


It really was a savior for those days when you longed for a big, juicy meal that wouldn’t hurt your wallet. In January 2020, it was announced that it was phased out. After an overwhelming clamor for its return, it made its comeback in November 2020. In February 2021, the fast food giant announced that the crowd favorite is now available in more than 500 additional stores nationwide! You can order it through the Jollibee Delivery App,, #87000, GrabFood, foodpanda! It’s is also available in drive-thru and take out.

Moral of the story? Good things come and go, so when they come, go and grab them!

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