Let’s take a quick break from new sneakers. There’s another new launch in town.

You see their stalls in malls, supermarkets, maybe even bazaars and celebrations. Munching these familiar flavored fries has really become a staple comfort food for a lot of Filipinos. With all that’s happening now, simple joys such as tasty and affordable snacks can provide that instant fix needed to boost one’s mood to get through the day.

Looking for a new break time buddy? Potato Corner heard your prayers because they surprised everyone when they recently announced that there was actually another product up to their sleeves. Get this: Potato Corner flavored chicharon!

Potato Corner Flavored Chicaron

Who doesn’t love chicharon? Inspired by Spanish cuisine, this snack that Filipinos just can’t get enough of boasts of a crunchy, salty, and tasty flavor that’s just so addicting. Combine this with Potato Corner’s signature flavors and who knows what wizardly it brings? We’re definitely excited to try it! What’s even great is that Potato Corner chose to collaborate with none other than R. Lapid’s for the unique flavored chicharon snack! The collab will R. Lapid’s chicharon bits, chicharon with laman, and chicharon cocktail in two iconic Potato Corner flavors: barbecue and sour cream

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Are you craving for one right now? Order you can order the flavored chicharon from Potato Corner through one of their partner couriers. Unfortunately, the link for the list is broken so maybe just message them for this.

Excited About these Potato Corner Flavored Chicharons? But wait, there’s more! That’s because on May 5 (AKA 5.5), Potato Corner will be selling their regular fries for Php 1 each. Make sure to Add to cart immediately so you don’t miss out on this irresistible offer!

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