UPDATE: You can still pre-order the Project 7 to 1 x VAULV EDC Sidebag for Php 950! Click the link here.

Looking for a stylish sidebag to carry your daily essentials like credit/debit cards, a power bank, some cash, your phone, a pair of wireless earphones, and a few USB cables? Project 7 to 1 and VAULV have you covered with their EDC sidebag.

This compact sidebag can fit quite a lot. I managed to fit my daily driver smartphone, two USB cables, a power bank, my preferred pair of TWS earbuds, and a few identification and debit cards inside the bag—and still have some space to store bills and coins!

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This bag is pretty compact, measuring 7×4.5×2 inches. It is small enough to carry a chunk of your daily essentials so that you won’t need to lug around a bulky bag when running errands here and there.

This bag has a premium build with its water-resistant outer shell that can handle some of the elements outside. It is filled with essential pockets: a zippered pocket for storing important receipts and money, a front velcro pocket for storing items like USB cables and keys, and three card slots inside for your identification and credit/debit cards.

Sporting a dominant black colorway, the orange piping on the outside gives it a nice accent color, while the embroidered graphics at the lower part gives it an OFF-WHITE vibe. Orange is also used in the compartment so that you can easily view the contents inside.

Speaking of premium, the EDC sidebag even comes with is own pouch for storing the bag when not in use, along with a strap that has the Project 7 to 1 branding and “Dream. Do. Learn” line done in a subtle tonal shade of grey.

Project 7 to 1 VAULV EDC Sidebag Price Philippines

While pre-orders were held today (May 3), the demand was so high that slots are now closed as of this writing. If you missed out on the pre-sale, Project 7 to 1 will be officially selling the VAULV EDC sidebag on May 5 for Php 1,200. Make sure to watch out for the official drop on that day, as it is expected to get sold out real fast.


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