Litson Baka in front of brown woven background

It’s the middle of 2021 and heat isn’t going anywhere. With all the things that we have been going through this year, Filipinos are in need of quick fixes! Andok’s answer? A new instant favorite in the form of Litson Baka. You read that right—Andok’s now sells food products that go beyond their usual litson manok.

Because of the hype for litson baka, it wasn’t easy to get our hands on one. We had to go through a pasabuy service to purchase it. When the package came, everything was neatly packed, and it looked and smelled like it was fresh from the barbecue grill. In terms of portioning, it can probably feed 2-3 people, depending on their appetite.

Litson Baka in front of brown woven background

So what does Andok’s Litson Baka taste like?

The dish has taken the Internet by storm, and now we know why! This tasty, juicy offering has just the right amount of fat, tenderness, and smoky flavor, making it a highly addicting treat! We love how it is not overly flavored so you can appreciate the natural texture and notes of the beef.

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It reminds us of chill days on the beach with a bottle of beer. Pair it with Andok’s special sweet-spicy vinegar sauce, which contrasts its roasted beefy flavor, and trust us, you’ll be wanting more.

Portioned Litson Baka

What’s the catch, then? Aside from being highly in demand, getting your hands on this new offering from Andok’s is going to be a challenge, as only select outlets will be having it, as indicated in their Instagram post.

There’s also the immense demand for it as well. Depending on where you plan to get your order, sometimes it may take as long as an hour in order to get your hands on one. Is the hunt and wait worth it for Php 320? We do think so! In fact, you might want to get an order in time for the premier of Trese on June 10, 12 midnight.


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