Fans who stayed tune into the DC Fandome Event even up until the wee hours of the morning here in the Philippines were in constant anticipation for the release of 2nd trailer for Matt Reeves’ Batman. The comment section for the live event on Youtube was overflowing with fans aggressively demanding the release of the trailer and after a 3-hour long lesson on patience, the wait proved to be worth it.

A fresh perspective on the Dark Knight

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Whenever there are significant changes in casting for an iconic character whether that be in the superheroes or establish and iconic characters such as James Bond, fans are never shy to voice out their opinions. The casting of Robert Pattinson as the dark knight may have received initial backlash from die-hard Batman fans but the actor has completely silenced the neigh-sayers. Pattinson seems to be a perfect fit for the role as shown by his impeccable acting and treatment of the character as he brings in his own unique stylistic choices for Batman.

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Furthermore, what sets this version of Batman apart from those we have seen in the past is the deep dive into the psyche and mental well-being of Bruce Wayne. The film approaches Batman as a figure whose vulnerability and emotions are shown bare for all to see as he blurs constantly blurs the lines between his two personas.

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“It’s a little bit out of control, He hasn’t completely defined who Batman is. He gets lost in it — whenever he puts it [the bat suit] every night… he’s not sleeping and he kinda becomes this odd creature,” said Pattison when he described the extent of his version of the Batman.

A Youthful Spirit

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Matt Reeves took the concept of Batman on its head and based the majority of the story on a version of the character that we haven’t seen yet. The trailers give us a great picture of this as we are shown a Batman who lacks the finesse that we have seen in the past and whose anger and rage drive him with seemingly no concern for the consequences and repercussions of his actions.

According to the director, the Batman Year One comic arc served as his inspiration for the film even down to the decision of casting a younger Bruce Wayne. This may be the first time that we actually receive a live-action version of Batman that deals with the youthful, inexperienced, and rage-filled version of Batman. This film however according to Reeves will not be another origins story but rather it touches deeper in how those tough beginnings have shaped Bruce and his ideologies as Batman.

Trailer Breakdown

As mentioned the long wait for the 2nd trailer of the film was definitely worth it. As we have seen already from the first trailer released back in 2020, DC dives back into a darker and more serious tone for this version of the Batman. Just like the majority of the Batman films that we have seen before Matt Reeves has gone ahead to provide the literal ominous and eerie mood to complement the complexities of the story and of the characters. Similar to the critically acclaimed and fan-favorite versions that were directed by Christopher Nolan, Reeves showcases in the trailer the creativity and vision that he has for the characters as he pushes the bounds of what they could be outside the pages of the comics.

We are able to witness in the opening sequences of the trailer the totally different take that the film dives into when it comes to some of the most iconic Batman villains. Paul Dano exudes an entirely creepy persona as the Riddler, veering away from the eccentric and almost comedic side as he embraces a completely sadistic, track, and psychopathic version for the villain. Fans also get a peek into Selina Kyle played by Zoë Kravitz who is a supplementary character and mirror image to the ideals, principles, and motivations of Batman. If that wasn’t enough the list of cast members continues with amazing talents such as the trusty Alfred Pennyworth played by Andy Serkis, the rugged and morally driven Detective Jame Gordon played by Jefferey Wright, and the unrecognizable Colin Farrell who as had a complete transformation for his portray of Oswald Cobblepot aka. The Penguin.

Batman is without a doubt one of the most iconic characters of this century all due to the hero’s complex nature.  Batman films always have a special place in the hearts of DC fans and fans in general and by the looks of this new trailer, this film has the potential of becoming an amazing addition to the Batman library of awesome content. The hype will surely continue to increase in the next months to come as we all wait for the film’s release in March 2022.

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