Margielyn Didal has been making wave after wave to make us beam with Filipino Pride. Her energy and positivity are infectious and inspiring. It’s not just about her skateboarding skills anymore, it’s her overall character that draws us in.

Just years ago, she dropped the NM379 Sneakers that pays tribute to her Filipino heritage and she’s here to repeat history all over again. This time, she takes it a step further with her latest pro shoe under NB Numeric dubbed the Margielyn Didal NM272 “Puso”.

Where Does the Inspiration Come From? 

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Puso is a basically rice inside a diamond-shaped pouch made from woven coconut leaves. It’s traced from Margielyn’s Visayan roots. The origins come from our ancient Visayan sea-farers who would bring these along for their long journeys. This type of packing/measuring rice enabled them to determine the amount of food needed to be cooked for the day.

Fast forward to now, the Puso is still a mainstay in Cebuano food culture. It goes along perfectly with Cebuano favorites like Lechon, BBQ, Ginabot, Ngohiong, or Siomai. Whether it’s enjoyed on the streets, the mountains, or island hopping, Pusô will always be a Cebu food fixture.

Margielyn Didal brings us closer to home with her new shoe. The shoe’s panels pay tribute to the woven rice pouch. Her initials M.A.D. can be found on the heel tabs alongside the number 032, which stands for the area code of Cebu. The insoles sport graphics depicting the Puso.

Available This Friday! 

Our friends from Common Ground were chosen as the official skate shop in the Philippines to drop the NM272 “Puso”.

It’s releasing in-store on Friday, October 22 at 11 AM for Php 4995. The remaining pairs will be made available online the next day on October 23, 12:01 AM so make sure you hit them up quickly.

In other news, we just reviewed a couple of One Up sneakers from World Balance. Read about them here. 




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