Being an athlete signed under Jordan Brand is a big deal, as it is one of the top brands for basketball. What’s even bigger than being a Jordan athlete? Having your own signature sneaker, which is the case for Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic with the Jordan Luka 1.

This is almost two years since Jordan Brand announced a signature sneaker for one of its athletes–the last one being the Zion 1 for New Orleans Pelicans star Zion Williamson back in 2020.

Making its debut at Luka’s debut playoff match between the Dallas Mavericks and Utah Jazz, the Jordan Luka 1 introduces two new innovations: IsoPlate and Formula 23.

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The Luka 1 does get some design inspiration from the Air Jordan 34, and that’s because IsoPlate is an evolution of the former’s Eclipse Plate. This time around, IsoPlate wraps upwards for better foot support during multi-directional movements. Also new to the Luka 1 is Formula 23, which is described as a lightweight and bouncy sustainable foam for adequate cushioning.

Like with most performance sneakers from Jordan brand, FlightWire makes a return to the Luka 1’s uppers for added support to its low-cut design.

While Doncic has debuted his first signature sneaker on court, there’s no word yet when it will be available to consumers–and what colorways will be officially available to the public.


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