When we hear Coldplay, we think of their hit song Yellow. Despite it being more than 20 years since the release of their award-winning single, the song and the band have not lost relevance. In fact, the band has decided to bless our ears with another set of songs as part of their newest album, Music Of The Spheres.

Staying true to their reoccurring theme of the cosmos and all that comes with it, Coldplay’s latest album presents an experience that delves into different aspects of our universe through relatable songs. To save you from the trouble of going gem hunting, we decided to review Music of the Spheres and highlight the must-listen tracks below.

Higher Power

Right off the bat, after the album’s intro song, we are met with Higher Power. It is through this song that we are reminded what Coldplay is just so good at – making hit after hit. At the first listen, the song demonstrates similarities in tune and tempo to the Weeknd’s Blinding Lights. Yet, once we hit the chorus, the song quickly and effortlessly differentiates itself, leaving us keen for the rest of the album.


The space theme of Music Of The Spheres album really comes to center stage in the opening of the song Humankind. The alien-like effects are quickly met with a catchy melody and lyrics that center around the realization and exploration of what it means to be human.

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Let Somebody Go

Let Somebody Go features pop artist Selena Gomez. For that reason alone the song will naturally set itself apart from the rest of the album. However, it is also for the somber mood the song evokes that the song will be one of the album’s favorites. Like many other Coldplay songs, Let Somebody Go is one that can be enjoyed staring at the stars.


Placed right after Let Somebody Go, <3 continues the somber mood as it speaks about the human heart on an almost acapella track. In this song, we get a very intimate experience between ourselves as listeners, Chris Martin’s voice, and the featured artists, We Are KING and Jacob Collier.


In Biutyful, we spend half of the song listening to Chris’ voice transformed into a high-pitched extraterrestrial. Yet, when you strip the song down to its lyrics and message, Biutyful emerges as one of the best songs from Music Of The Spheres.

My Universe

Coldplay has managed to steal the spot of the top of the Hot 100 with their track, My Universe. This occurrence comes as the song is a product created by two music giants – Coldplay and BTS. While the collaboration could very well be a marketing strategy for the exposure of their latest album, we are definitely not complaining.


As a sign-off for the album, Coloratura spans for a little over ten minutes. The song’s spatial effects and slow melody marry to create a trance-like state, pushing us to reflect on what an album it has been.

Music of the Spheres Review Verdict

Overall, Music Of The Spheres is a very strong album stacked with future chart-topping singles and Coldplay favorites. The rest of the songs found on the album primarily serve as an addition or filler to the overall experience undergone when listening from the first to the last song. If you’re interested in listening to the rest of the album’s tracks, head over to Spotify.

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