Purchasing items that we see in our favorite movies and shows is not a new phenomenon. In all honesty that’s the very purpose of product placements which is a tried and tested way for brands to reach people in a more natural, unobstructed, and subtle way. Recently the trending Korean thriller show, Squid Game proves to be a fantastic example of building up hype for certain products – specifically a timeless Vans shoe. Sole Supplier has reported having its Vans Classic White Slip-On sales to have grown by a whopping 7800%. Likewise, Lyst recently reported that searches for white slip-ons have recently increased to 145%, and it’s all thanks to the 456 participants from the popular show who all boast the same sneaker.

First introduced in 1977, the Vans #98—now known as the Classic Slip-On—instantly became an icon in Southern California. The sneaker is made with sturdy low-profile synthetic uppers and includes supportive padded collars, elastic side accents, and signature rubber waffle outsoles.

The sneaker’s appeal never really went away. The sleek and clean white colorway has always been a timeless option due to its ability to pair so easily with any type of outfit. With new sneakers dropping ever so often, however, there’s a tendency for classics to give way for newer designs to take center stage. Squid Game, however, has changed this by placing the classic right at the center of all the action with 426 individuals sporting this clean and classic pair.

Squid Game' Is Causing White Vans Sales to Spike 7,800%—Get Them Before They're Gone

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Since Squid Game first dropped on Netflix, the popularity of Vans has continued to grow even further which may cause some slight difficulties in copping a pair.  We’ve searched the web for online stores in Philippines and sadly, as of writing, they are not in stock at the moment from official resellers. Which entails a little more effort and patience on our parts before we can actually own a pair. As mentioned this is all due to the popularity and success behind the K-drama. There are other stores that still manage to produce a similar look especially if you are rushing to cop a pair for Halloween but admittedly we all know that nothing beats the original from Vans.

As Kdramas continue to kill it in the world of streaming, we are able to witness the ability of these shows to also provide and circulate profit for businesses and entrepreneurs. This goes to show that movies and shows go beyond serving a brief moment of entertainment but in the long run, can also provide means for economic benefits for individuals.

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