The K-drama from Netflix entitled Squid Game is still dominating the charts as we speak as one of the most streamed shows on Netflix. The huge fanbase continues to grow due to the high-stakes action and suspenseful scenes that have left viewers watching at the very edge of their seats. With the show’s continuous popularity, paired with Halloween’s imminent arrival, an awesome Squid Game costume is now at the top of the must-wear list. We’ve done the browsing for you and we have found some awesome merchandise, cool ideas, and where exactly you can purchase them.

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1. Squid Game Costume: The Game Employees

Steal the show by playing one of Squid Game’s staff. The character is pretty much recognizable and is simply striking to look at. Top it off with the ominous presence of these individuals in the show, this is an outfit that will surely fit into the creepy nature of Halloween. Bielle’s online shop is now taking orders for guard costumes as well as player tracksuits. Masks are at P299, while the pink jumpsuit costs P999.

2. Squid Game Costume: Player Tracksuit

Let’s move on to the stars of the show, the players who risked their lives for the grand prize. The tracksuits are the more appealing option in our opinion because they are easy to wear, are immensely popular, and are easily recognizable. Bielle’s has you covered for this tracksuit jacket priced at only Php 699 which must of course be paired with the trousers for only Php 499.

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3. Creative Player T-shirts

If you’re looking for a lowkey costume, here are some shirts with a cool Squid Game-inspired design from MNL Kingpin. Despite not being completely accurate to what is seen on screen these shirts are meant to last you beyond the Halloween season. It’s gear inspired by the show instead of a costume, but we love its fun and creative design that takes the show’s costumes as an inspiration while adding elements to the shirt that make it a bit more colorful.


4. The Killer Doll DIY

Give your friends a scare by going as the freakishly scary doll from the first round in the game – Green Light, Red Light. We were not able to find an exact costume for adults but check out this hair-raising mask we found at Lazada for only P299.


Cop it here at Lazada.

Purchasing the mask makes it even more interesting as a Squid Game costume, however, if you are looking for a simpler yet sleek-looking option, an orange jumper from Zalora over a bright yellow tee will still yield the same results. Pair this with knee-high socks and you are good to go to!

5. Official Squid Game Merch 

Coincidentally, Netflix has just dropped its own set of merchandise including several show-inspired shirts and a hoody. While it doesn’t exactly fit the theme for Halloween, it would still make a great outfit that you can wear due to its simple and easy-to-pair designs. The official Squid Game merch from Netflix comes in a black hoodie with the iconic yet simple triangle that we often see throughout the show with the Squid Game title in Korean characters for only Php 2,500. There is also a plain white tee with Seong Gi-hun’s number, 456, both at the front and at the back of the shirt with the title of the show once again in Korean characters at the back. This shirt goes for roughly Php 2,000.

These costumes and merch will surely turn heads at your next costume party – whether it’s with a virtual setup or not. The popularity of the show alone has made Squid Game into a global phenomenon which is also a good enough reason to purchase some Squid Game-related merch while you still can!

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