Despite popular belief, friends of opposite sexes can remain friends. This is exactly what Alessandra De Rossi’s first film as a director, which stars herself and Piolo Pascual, showcase. My Amanda explores the inexplicable relationship between two unusually close friends who happen to share every aspect of their own lives together. Despite this, nothing seems to come in between the pair as their bond remains constant while their lives evolve.

The love team, which comprises of Alessandra De Rossi and Piolo Pascual, is nothing new to the big screen. In fact, the two have worked together in the past, namely in the 2017 romance film entitled Kita Kita starring De Rossi alongside Empoy Marquez with Pascual serving as a producer. Four years later,  De Rossi and Pascual finally step in front of the camera together for fans of the two to enjoy on Netflix as we speak.

Although De Rossi has a history working in the film industry, ‘My Amanda’ is her directional debut. Despite it being her first time running the show both in front of and behind the camera, positive feedback from fans and movie critics seem to suggest that she successfully did her job.

“They simply didn’t believe that two people from opposite sexes will never have a thing for each other at some point,” – Alessandra De Rossi

The unconventional relationship on film was met with disagreement from select peers to whom Alessandra pitched her initial idea. Because of this, she decided to take matters into her own hands and steer the direction of the production. The result of this initiative is a very refreshing take on the possibility of a platonic friendship between a man and woman.

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Be sure to watch My Amanda on Netflix as the film represents Philippine cinema on the global stage. To check out other latest movie news, head over to this article on 5 NBA Superstars Who Should Star In Their Own Space Jam Movie.


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