The pandemic has urged the fashion industry to conceive new ways of presenting their latest collections just as much as it has caused the way we eat our food to change. While most fashion labels have looked towards publishing pre-captured images of their newest footwear and apparel online, Onitsuka Tiger tried something only a few have dared to.

On September 26, the Japanese sports shoe brand released a short film on the Milan Fashion Week Website, which showcased all the pieces that are part of the Onitsuka Tiger Spring/Summer 2022 collection. Have a look at the short film below:

As seen in the video, creative director Andrea Pompilio imagines the theme of the Onitsuka Tiger Spring/Summer 2022 collection to be a flight from Milan to Tokyo, the fashion brand’s home city. In this respect, the background of the short film as well as the clothing and accessories the models are robed in highlights the neon-lit streets of Japan. This modern setting translates into the pieces’ contemporary style and fit.

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Sticking true to its roots, the Onitsuka Tiger Spring/Summer 2022 collection is founded upon the brand’s rich sports heritage. This can be seen through the collection’s inclusion of tracksuits and the light material used to construct the colorful windbreakers, shorts, and pants. Overall, this latest collection serves as the perfect wardrobe for a modern explorer or digital nomad who is not limited to only one space – someone who dares to take that flight from Milan to Tokyo without a second thought.

Strongly supporting the modern style of the collection are the piece’s color blocking, as well as animal and geometric prints, which all contribute to a bold, modern aesthetic. However, aside from the decorated clothing pieces and accessories, Onitsuka Tiger also unveiled two new sneaker silhouettes that boast of a printed sole and shoe upper resembling a feline coat.

Head on over to Onitsuka Tiger’s official website for more information regarding the Spring/Summer 2022 collection. And if you’re interested in looking back at Onitsuka Tiger’s past collections, check out Onitsuka Tiger’s MonsterPiece Series.


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