There’s no denying that KPop is becoming global, with millions of listeners tuning into the latest tracks from South Korea. Acknowledging the immense popularity of KPop around the globe, KPop groups have either re-record their title tracks in full English or make an entirely new song in English.

The latter is slowly becoming a thing as of late, with Blackpink and BTS already releasing original English songs (and charting successfully with it). Twice is the latest to join the trend with their first English single The Feels. 

With the music video following a high school theme, it is nice to see how the majority of the members are more confident with their English speaking skills. The tracks opens strong with Chaeyoung rapping, then going for the classic Twice arrangement with Nayeon and Jihyo getting the most singing parts in The Feels especially with the chorus part.

Despite that the line distribution is familiar to me, The Feels introduced some new elements. Notable ones include Sana rapping in English for a hot few seconds, Mina perfectly slaying every bridge of the song with her delicate vocal, and Jeongyeon providing melody for the entire song even if she is not yet 100% to perform.

As for the visuals, The Feels has a lot of similarities with the music video of Itzy’s Loco with its abundance of pastel colors. The main difference is their approach: while Loco has a more edgier girl crush theme, The Feels goes for a more mainstream bubblegum pop theme that is reminiscent of what BTS did for Dynamite.

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While you can’t compare them to their junior group Itzy (who has Lia as their native English-speaking member), The Feels has to be the most polished English Twice song to date. Save for the English version of I Can’t Stop Me, Twice has a rather lackluster performance when it comes to translating their songs to English.

With the music video of The Feels hitting 14 million views as of this writing, Twice’s first English single is a very good indicator of the 3rd-gen KPop group expanding their discography on a more global scale.


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