The official opening of IKEA here in the Philippines is an open door for endless home redecorations as well as possible gift ideas for the holidays. We took the time to venture out during the opening of the behemoth of a furniture store last November 25. We did so to check out what the hype was all about (Read: My Experience Shopping In The First Ever IKEA Store In The Philippines) as well as to spot some interesting and cool finds that might pique your interest from the IKEA store.

Due to the abundance of items that are readily available in the IKEA store, it may be a difficult task to create a list of our top cool finds. We will surely miss out on some products that are eye-catching however those that have made this list are items that truly got our attention either due to their functionality, affordability, or the sheer creative and unique appeal of their design.


This unique wooden IKEA item effectively combines creativity, durability, and functionality which makes it a no-brainer as to why it landed in our cool and interesting finds list. At first glance, it may be mistaken for another IKEA product, the HANDSKALAD, which serves a more aesthetic purpose as decor or according to IKEA personnel as a model for artists who wish to create sketches of hands. The LÅNESPELARE on the other hand combines the aesthetic appeal with the functionality as an accessory stand for phone chargers, headsets, medals, and anything and you wish to hang on this cool geometrically designed hand.

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If you’re looking for a more rustic piece of furniture that is able to maximize a great amount of closet space, this three-door wardrobe that also features a full-body mirror may be a great option for you. The wooden finish ensures a long-lasting quality that typically ages well in an antique look. The particular color that we were able to spot for this model boasts a deep dark brown finish which makes it easy to mix and match with almost any design or look that your home and furniture already come in.


The beauty of furniture shopping of course is the ability to mix and match and IKEA makes it easier for customers with items that instantly pair well together. For the dresser version of the SONGESAND, it’s all about simplicity. Similar to the SONGESAND wardrobe it boasts a wooden finish but also comes in elegant white color. There are three huge drawers that are meant to ensure enough space for various articles of clothing.


Despite being a more pricey offering for a closet, the PAX open wardrobe is just a marvel to look at while being a dream for those who love to organize their collections of outfits and accessories. The light brown finish provides a very minimalistic look while also providing several shelves and drawers for clothes, watches, jewelry, neckties, and any item of clothing that you could possibly think of. Some of the PAX open wardrobe drawers also feature a clear glass opening to add an even more sleek and elegant design. You can also customize this item by adding IKEA’s KOMPLEMENT insert compartments, which are sold separately, in order to create a more organized look.


How can you get wrong with the affordability of 18-piece flatware set for only Php 590?  The clean design of this cutlery pairs well with different kinds of table settings and designs. It is also made of stainless steel which makes it super simple to clean and even more durable. The set comes with 6 pieces each of spoons, forks, and teaspoons.


It’s not very often that we get the opportunity to spot a cowhide piece here in the Philippines which makes this item even more interesting. The KOLDBY admittedly isn’t for everyone primarily due to its overall material, origin, and its inability to pair with more home designs. It does however pull off both a rustic and modern classy look which can add a breath of fresh air to any room that you wish to place it in. The function of the KOLDBY is also very flexible depending on how you opt to use it — as a carpet under a table, on its own, or even hung up in a minimalistic or even brick wall. The only limit of its use as decor is your own imagination.


Cool Finds IKEA

If you are looking for an interesting chair that can both serve its purpose in and outside of your home then the GUBBÖN is the way to go. It is made from sturdy materials such as steel, and its Polyester powdered coating for the backrest with a Polyethylene and Polypropylene finish all throughout. The sleep and divine white finish make it easy to match any piece of existing furniture that you have. Did we mention that this is also a rocking chair? It’s perfect for a relaxing day to rest and unwind or even to have a fun and meaningful conversation with your friend or significant other.


Cool Finds IKEA
The Paris motifed GRÖNBY
Cool Finds IKEA
The colorful beach landscaped of the PJATTERYD collage

These picture collages are just the embodiment of art that are meant to spice up any room that you decide to place them in. The price tag is super reasonable because you get the entire set of various landscapes and photos of various sizes. If you decide to place the collage together the entire piece will be 179 cm x 129cm but you can also opt to divide the piece into various places and rooms so you will have free range with the layout of all 9 photos. The GRÖNBY boasts photos of Paris in a black and white color pattern while the brightly colored beach motif of the PJATTERYD is set to add an interesting focal point in your home.


Cool Finds IKEA

IKEA has several floor decking patterns that would help create a very elegant look for your garden or patio and one of the more striking designs what the ALTAPPEN. It’s simple light gray color suits the snowflake-styled pattern which can add a refreshing look to your terrace or balcony. It’s also weather-resistant and easy to clean which makes it even more worth the purchase.


Cool Finds IKEA

There is an aesthetic and simple design to this wall lamp that just caught our eye. The huge bulb cover is not over the top or excessively done and still provides an elegant look in terms of its design. This wall lamp will look great indoors and outdoors as well and IKEA gives its customers free rein in its use as it will look great whether the bulb is facing down or up.

The sheer size of the IKEA store with all its available options and varieties in designs and color made it truly difficult to pick just 10 cool and interesting finds from this awesome shop. Our suggestion is that you take the time to book a visit and head on to the Mall of Asia Complex for a fun and unique shopping experience in the world’s largest IKEA.


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