Just this week, we were surprised by the news that Starbucks just popped up at Lazada. Be it the hype or pure curiosity, we are as excited as the next coffee drinker on what this partnership really means.

Surely, there will be coffee products obviously but then, right after we got excited seeing the UNDFTD X Starbucks collabs appearing AND disappearing fast, we are asking ourselves…

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“Is Starbucks going the streetwear exclusive, hype drop, reseller type of deal here?”

Surely, if you’ve seen how much insanity the UNDFTD collection brought to the table, it did cause long lines even in theface of the pandemic. One of us even went out too early only to go home empty handed.

Hype is Real: Starbucks x Undefeated Collection Sold Out as Early as 6AM

And where does this land him? A reseller! For a tumbler! Insane!

The business, which was founded in 1971, has been the default cool guy coffee. Honestly? It wouldn’t even be a surprise if they tap into that well of coolness and brew some exciting collabs in the future! After all, there was a Starbucks inspired Nike Dunk SB! Remember that?

Ah, brace yourselves! It won’t be long before we see some new collabs through the online Lazada shop…we are excited, we bet you are…so let’s drink to that!

Also, speaking of collabs, you should check out our take on the upcoming rumored Nike Air Max X Dior here! 



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