Loads of awesome awaits at Days store located at the Laguna lakefront.

The scene of locally-made streetwear brands has been picking up quite nicely, with fresh and unique designs showcasing Filipino creativity and ingenuity.

One of the brands that has been making a name for itself is Days, a brand offering a hip and wearable and clothing line, perfect for that laid back, streetstyle outfit that inspires and makes you feel good. The brand showcases a wide range of clothing, from graphic shirts, hoodies, windbreakers, anoraks, to crewnecks. 

Exciting things are in store for the brand this December, as well as for their following, because their flagship store will be opening. Items will be offered online as well. The store will be located in Lakeshore 1772, or more specifically, at the shores of the Philippine’s Laguna Lake. How awesome is that?

Here’s what to expect

“My goal is to build a store, that will create an atmosphere where our clients would just wanna talk, hear good music, and just simply chill,”  Days owner and founder James Anonuevo shares.

“I wanna make it look very minimal, with a touch of wooden hand-made furniture fused with a clean concrete flooring and white background. Since our store is new, part of my plan is to collaborate or even buy locally-made artworks, whether it’s painting or sculptures etc., to display and show our love for locally made products. Good lighting is the key! Good thing is that our building absorbs all the sunrise glow every day that would even want to make you drink your coffee, lol!”

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Days plans to collaborate, or even buy locally-made artworks, whether it’s painting or sculptures etc., to display and show its love for locally made products.

Growing amidst a pandemic

Like many brands, Days was also affected by the onslaught of the COVID-19. Fortunately, they were able to react and produce items, like PPEs and facemasks, that are very relevant to current-day Philippines. 

Local Streetwear Brand Days Clothing Co. Adapts to The New Normal In Style

We started it off by launching our own independent donation drive to give out free PPEs. Roughly, we have managed to donate around 400+ hazmat suits and lab gowns to different hospitals within Metro Manila in a span of two months (April – May, 2020).

We can proudly say that we are one of the local streetwear brands that released our own face masks to the public back in March-April of 2020. This act made us decide to make our PPEs too, that we still offer up until today. Gladly, we have gained massive trust and support from different medical frontliners around the country.”

The brand logo, the image of sun setting capture’s what the brand stands for, “A small goal accomplished before the sun sets will help us conquer bigger goals moving forward.”

We look forward to what else this brand has up their sleeve. From what we see, there are definitely great days ahead for Days. 



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