While buying and selling sneakers would often involve brand new, deadstock sneakers, sometimes sneakerheads would trade their gently-used, pre-owned pairs as well. “The used (sneaker) segment is criminally underserved,” Ox Street CEO Gijs Verheijke said.

“Sneakers are meant to be worn, but us sneakerheads tend to accumulate too many pairs to constantly wear all of them.”

With that in mind, Ox Street recently updated its platform to accommodate listings for pre-owned sneakers. While it may sound unusual for them to allow listing for pre-owned sneakers, Ox Street has a basis for that: based on their research, pre-owned sneakers would list for around 30% lower than their BNDS equivalent, and around 45% of their customers have purchased pre-owned sneakers in the past. 

Aside from being able to purchase sneakers at a lower price point, Ox Street offers its expertise in authentication to give its customers peace of mind–being assured that they are buying authentic, pre-owned sneakers in the process. 

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Clement Tan, one of Ox Street’s first customers in the used segment, shared that the platform helped him sell his used sneakers much easier compared to other platforms like Carousell or Facebook marketplace. “With Ox Street, the product just gets picked up by a courier from my house and I get the payout the next day. It takes almost no time,” Tan shares.

You can start listing your pre-owned sneakers on Ox Street exclusively (for now) through their app.


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