QUICCS and adidas fans take note!

QUICCS no longer needs an introduction: he has been creating art piece after art piece that has propelled the Philippines to the global arena of vinyl toy art!

And he’s the first-ever artist from the PH to ever have an adidas toy/shoe release collab! Fresh from his adidas Superstar collabs that drew a frenzy among collectors comes another one to get everyone on the hype train.

For those who aren’t familiar, Quiccs has been rocking adidas Superstars for the longest time and this series of Superstars and NanoTEQs is very much a match in designer toy heaven!

Just this year, Quiccs and adidas dropped the first NanoTEQs which had 1 and 2 stripes respectively. This time, the designer and the brand has taken it to the next level with full branding.

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The “GAA Heartthrob” NanoTEQ draws inspiration from the “Girls Are Awesome” Superstars, this 3rd installment is a first! As this one collaboration highlights the FIRST TIME that the NanoTEQ will get to have the Three Stripes and officially carry the brand logo!

No word as of now to when these will drop but according to Quiccs, it will be more limited than the first ones that dropped! We will post about it once we get some info!

Photos: Dodong Dela Cruz


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