QUICCS is definitely the man when it comes to urban collectible art. We have featured his works here far too many times and his works can attest that his works are on another global level that inspires the local scene with more and more artists stepping up to the plate!

Fresh from his adidas collab, QUICCS is showing no signs of slowing down. First up is his TEQ63 “Tactical Halfmask” that’s guaranteed to turn heads everywhere! Now up on pre order starting July 28, 2020 on www.hiddenfortressmanila.com!

TEQ63 “Tactical Halfmask”
@rlux.customs x @quiccs

In progress! Our Burnwater Design Studios co-founding partner and professional photographer @noelguevaraphoto is preparing our final photos and videos of our TEQ63 TACTICAL HALFMASKS for our official preorder event!
PREORDER EVENT happening on JULY 28, 2020 only on www.hiddenfortressmanila.com! Do mark your calendars now fellas!

And the second must cop item for this week is this “TEQ63: RAVAGER” in God Mode Chrome Gold, just posted hours ago, this one is a limited edition of just 200 pieces. The 11th colorway of the Ravager, this one is for the books and we can magine everyone scrambling for a piece or two.

[hfcm id="9"] [hfcm id="14"] [hfcm id="20"] [hfcm id="24"]

Final Colorway Limited Edition of 200

Up for grabs this next #teqtuesday July 21, 2020 on www.hiddenfortressmanila.com is the FINAL COLORWAY of the TEQ63 RAVAGER Bust collection, the GOD MODE CHROME GOLD!

Own a piece of history this Tuesday, exclusively available only at www.hiddenfortressmanila.com and on The Bulletpunk Network on facebook!

Same with the other recent Ravager releases, GOD MODE CHROME GOLD will be priced at only USD $150 plus shipping worldwide to be fulfilled from the US!

⚠️ Set your alarms to July 21, 2020 at 11:59 AM EST / 8:59 AM PT / 4:59 PM UK / 11:59 PM Manila-SG-HK! ⚠️

Whether you are fiending for either the mask or the toy, it’s gonna be a run to the races so make sure you set those alarms and do your homework! As with all QUICCS releases, it’s not gonna be easy but once you get the W, it’s gonna be glorious!




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