We at This Is Hype are always on the lookout for people with extraordinary stories and brands, it just is an admirable feat to achieve. A man with a vision, putting matters into his own hands and making it happen is a feat in itself!

When we first encountered Sackit Philippines on social media, we thought it was a huge brand just because of the quality of the products and its consistency in creating, recreating and coming up with an awesome lineup of products – mainly bags of all sizes and shapes not only for the skaters and the fixed gear vanguards but for the street savvy as well.

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Sackit Philippines’ owner and proprietor Marvin Corpuz, was gracious enough to slide in a convo with us about the brand, its origins and its ironclad DIY work ethic… 

Hi there, can you share with us how the brand started out?

The brad started out in late 2011 as a skate bag/board sack brand. I got hooked up with the fixed gear community so I also started din doing some fixie stuff in the process.

We see that basically your brand is a one man show? Do you do everything yourself?

Yes, it’s a one man team. As we went along after few years, I also hired my mother-in-law eventually turning Sackit Ph into a family business.

We see also that skateboarding and BMX/FIXIE plays a huge role in your products, care to elaborate?

Basically it’s more on skateboarding back then ‘cuz i skated way before but now we customize bags for bikes/skateboards but generally now, we lean more on bike-specific bags.

Among your products can you share with us your top 3 bestsellers?

For Bike bags

– Footstraps for Fixie
– Rolltop bag
– Handle bars bag/ custom bags

For Skateboarding

– Boardsack
– Caps
– Tees ‘cuz its limited

If you had an opportunity to collab with a brand or a personality, what or who would it be?

We did have a collab once with MAKA. I would say now that I would want to collab with ENIMAL, KTLRD, THE, PAVEMENTWEAR and some Local skate shops like CALLE, Hampaslupa, Palaboy, WeLegendary and Neutral.

Why the name Sackit?

The name stuck because Sackit basically means its sa bag. “Sack – It” or put it in a bag Tagalog of Sack is SAKO. Its our first bag, which looked like a sako bag for skateboards.

Describe your brand for us. Your elevator pitch…

Sackit is a DIY brand dat caters to all skate/bike scenes. We do our best with good quality to match.

Shoutouts? Anything to promote? 


To My Family inday Marie potpot/Odik/Lizzy/Kelly Salamat sa inyo At Nagtiwala kayo!
Friends & Family
Fixie Riders
Bike community
Streetwear heads
To all OG’s
Respeto sa Mga NA UNA SATIN!

Thanks Marvin! 

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