As it continues to push the boundaries of Tech Wear, SNK ATK teased its next product that’s truly unique–in the form of the BADLANDS vest/tote bag. Made from durable and tear-resistant fabric, the BADLANDS vest/tote bag is made for everyday travel in Metro Manila, where users can choose between looking stylish with a vest or transforming it into a tote bag when they need to haul goods along the way.

SNK ATK Creative Director Psalm Alfafara describes their new product as “a piece of wardrobe with looks that can carry, and can carry your looks.” Staying true to its techwear vibe, the BADLANDS vest/tote bag has a variety of pockets and compartments for storing all of your everyday carry essentials, and its versatile design ensures that it can match with any of your outfits.

The BADLANDS vest/tote bag will come in Midnight and Daylight colorways, and will be made available in limited quantities at the PURVEYR Fair 2023 that will be held a Metrotent Convention Center from September 2-3. Those who want to purchase tickets to PURVEYR fair can buy them here, and SNK ATK will be holding a general release of the BADLANDS vest/tote bag soon at their web store.


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