Skoop is a local brand that has made itself known for collaborating with international brands. It has released a capsule collection in 2018 with Krispy Kreme and with New Era in 2019, and Skoop follows that up this year thru a collab with Pokemon.

As its biggest collab to date, the Pokemon collab is very dear to Skoop as it is a fitting tribute to the co-founder and creative director’s Japanese father. Its first drop consists of athleisure jerseys with dri-fit and breathable fabric, featuring first-generation Pokemon characters Squirtle, Charizard, Jigglypuff, and Mewtwo.

“Our campaign is heavily influenced by Pokemon games that we used to play in the Gameboy such as Pokemon Fire Red and Pokemon Emerald, [and] somehow serves as a tribute to the different cities/biomes you’d find in the game.”

There will be two more drops for the Skoop x Pokemon collab, which will include the brand’s popular graphic tees made with their proprietary cotton blend, collectible cozy hoodies made with thick cotton fleece fabric, and its signature reversible bucket hats.

“In our first drop, we tried to incorporate the grassland/countryside part of the game which can be found as Pallet town in Pokemon Leaf Green or Fire Red. As for our second drop, we incorporated the beach part of the game which is seen in Pokemon Emerald as Dewford Town. For our third drop, we tried to go with the metropolitan scene which could be found as Saffron City in Pokemon Fire Red.”

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All four jerseys are priced at Php 1,499 and can be purchased at Skoop’s online store, The Nines, Urban Athletics, Toby’s, and Bratpack. Stay tuned for updates on the second and third drop of this epic collab from Skoop soon.


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