DC has a busy and exciting 2022 ahead of them with the plethora of content that they will be releasing. The hits keep on coming with one film after another and the recent DC Fandome 2021 event became the avenue to deliver the hottest and latest updates on all the films that are set to release for the next couple of years. Another Justice League member is finally getting his own stand-alone film with The Flash currently undergoing its filming stages as we speak. During the DC Fandome event the star for the Flash film, Ezra Miller, shared a sneak peek for the upcoming movie which was filled with amazing easter eggs and surprises.

What We Know So Far

DC Comics 101: Why is Flashpoint So Important? | DC

It’s been long confirmed by DC executives that the 2022 live-action version of The Flash will be taking elements from the highly popular comic book storyline, Flashpoint. The continuity of the films has however come into question due to the release of Zack Snyder’s The Justice League which changed the direction of the story completely even introducing elements of time travel through Barry Allen. It’s unclear if the new Flash film will follow exactly from the events of Zack Snyder’s version and vision but the teaser does paint the picture that time traveling concepts will be tackled throughout the film.

The Flash Movie Director Confirms Time Travel Plot with Flashpoint Elements

It was also confirmed back in August of 2020 that actors Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck will be reprising their roles both as Batman with Keaton assuming the role he played back in Tim Burton’s Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992). The presence of the two Batmans was confirmed by director Andy Muschietti as a means of opening the door for the multiverses in the DC universe.

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Easter Eggs

The Flash Movie Trailer Breakdown: Every Reveal & Easter Egg

The teaser immediately kicks off with a dark and gritty look that resembles an almost horror-themed film. We are taken into a strange and worn-down house which looks to be Wayne Manor but there isn’t any certainty to ensure if this is really the case. As the trailer progresses we are treated to clips that contain easter eggs to classic Flash references including the streaks of red, yellow, and orange lightning, the lightning bolts on the boots that may suggest its owner being another version of the Flash, the Flash ring which contains Barry Allen’s suit, and of course the bat cave and Batman himself, just to name a few.

Time Travel 101

We also witness a scene that involves Barry Allen tapping on the shoulder of a mysterious woman who might be Barry’s deceased mother. How is that possible then? If you follow the DC mythos religiously whether it be through the shows or through the comic books, it is a little-known fact that Barry’s speed can alter the time-space continuum or in layman’s terms — time travel. This idea is further explored in the Flashpoint comic book storyline which revolves around Barry waking up in an alternate universe where there are several alterations to our favorite DC character’s storylines. The Flashpoint also includes an alternate reality of Barry’s mother being very much alive just like what the teaser seems to suggest.

The Introduction to the DC Multiverse

The biggest easter eggs in this short teaser however come within the last few seconds. These hints are quick but are enough to deliver goosebumps from head to toe. The latter parts of the teaser show Barry Allen talking to Batman as he asks him a simple question, “Are you in?”. The intriguing part about this scene is twofold; one being the fact that we aren’t shown which Batman Barry is actually talking to (whether it be Affleck or Keaton) and the second is the presence of two mysterious individuals. Based on the official casting, the woman on Barry’s left is Sasha Calle who is confirmed to portray Supergirl while the man to Barry’s left is Ezra Miller who looks to be portraying the Jay Garrick Golden Age Flash, another version of the character found in the comic books.

Time travel and multiverses have been a common concept that superhero films have been exploring as of late and fans continue to eat it up. There is an intriguing factor to the endless possibilities of alternate timelines and universes that end up becoming so appealing as a story-telling device. We are definitely excited for DC’s time to shine regarding the expansion of its worlds and multiverse for DC which seems to begin with the upcoming 2022 Flash movie which is scheduled to drop on November 4, 2022.

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