2020 is not a great year when it comes to retail. The COVID-19 pandemic has practically put everything to a halt, placing a number of local brands into difficult times. While some businesses managed to survive by changing their business models, retail events have been highly discouraged, with a big chunk of them being cancelled.

With the world slowly recovering from the effects of the pandemic, STOCKROOM has a simple concept in mind: allot two weeks (specifically from December 1 to 15) to provide small businesses a venue to showcase their products and their new offerings to consumers.

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For this event, STOCKROOM will be opening up 40 slots for all interested local brands. Costing Php 2,000 for 15 days, participating brands will have access to the following:

– Inventory handling

– Weekly brand remittances for the event duration

– Social media marketing from Purveyr’s social media channels

– Marketing collaterals with official STOCKROOM branding

– Access to our logistics service for Metro Manila COD

– Analytics based on data of purchased items and a Market Insight Report based on the event’s end returns

– Exclusive offerings like event-specific products or sale items

As compliant to new normal guidelines, the event will have contact tracing via QR, mandatory wearing of face shields and face masks, daily disinfection practices, and social distancing, with up to 10 visitors per pop-up store at a time.

Through this event, STOCKROOM aims to give local brands a helping hand in promoting their business

STOCKROOM will be happening from December 1 to 15 at Imagina Place, A. Apolinario St., Bangkal, Makati City. Interested brands can reach out to STOCKROOM co-founder and Creative Director Mong Feliciano at mong.purveyr@gmail.com.


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