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While all of us must grow up, channeling the kid in us will always be something fun that brings a dose of comfort in the busy lives that we live. 

Sesame Street is an iconic show and the home to lovable characters Bert, Ernie, Cookie Monster, Elmo, and many more. While we have obviously outgrown watching the show, our love for these cute characters hasn’t gone anywhere. 

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So for the Sesame Streets kids who have grown up, Don’t Blame the Kids Apparel Co. has something for you!

The famous Filipino brand has launched its very own Sesame Street line, fusing streetwear vibes with the fun, colorful, and playful side of the beloved television show. We’re so ready to cop these hoodies and shirts!

We don’t know about you, but we’re really feeling these shirts. Oh, who remembers Count von Count? Image from


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Don’t Blame the Kids Apparel Co. (or DBTK) is the by-product of a dream, vision, and multiple businesses that was once handled by brothers Emil and Vince Javier. Fast-forward to 2020, and they are a leading Philippine streetwear brand with more than half a million follower on Facebook.

Speaking of the local streetwear scene, STOCKROOM is cooking up something this December to help out local brands.



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