Even before most Filipinos could actually see it in person, the hype of the 5th-generation PlayStation unit already arrived in the Philippines. With the niche of gamers in the Philippines very alive and well, especially since most of them are at home because of the pandemic, many shared their interest and excitement on social media. Some people even scammed their friends by using the very real-looking PS5 filter that circulated the internet. 

Because of the expected demand, the pre-order time period last November 20 for the much anticipated unit was limited to 5 minutes. As expected, many didn’t get to live the dream of being one of the first owners of a PS5.

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From the Data Blitz Fb page.


But, really, should you be disappointed?

While it is easy to get eaten alive by hype and talk, it all comes down to analyzing what is behind the hype.

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The product.

Aside from the fact that there are no unique games included yet in for the PlayStation 5, you’ll also be paying the early adopter tax if you are one of the first owners. Also, like in every piece of tech, it is always advisable to wait for a latter unit in order to avoid unnecessary bugs and glitches. 

So, should you should in be the lookout for stocks in the gray market? 

No. The best decision is to wait. 

Here is a rundown on what happened yesterday:

Sony’s PS5 Pre-order In PH Did Not Go Well


What will you be doing next? Will you continue to try to get your hands on one, or will you happily be playing with you PS4?

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