Filipinos are everywhere… and are winning. Fresh from our recent Olympic victories, the Filipino spirit is on the up and up! If we can conquer sports, then we can take the art scene by storm as well.

If you’re crazy into designer toys like us, here’s some good news- Stormy Vault is back with a new Filipino Show, and it is happening this August 14!

Starting in full effect from 8 PM to 10PM EST via Facebook Live this is their 2nd time to organize such an event. It’s the perfect way to discover true Filipino artistry from the art toy scene and even cop a toy or two for your shelf… before they go for the global arena!

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The said event highlights their collaborations with Filipino artists together with others to bring out cool Filipino-themed exclusive figures and more.

They assure everyone in attendance a fun night of online selling, auctions, and giveaways, and the fact that we’re stuck at home, we’ve got something cool to look forward to.

Artists participating are Yoiiii, Bryan Lie, HX Studio, Arman Kendrick, Dead St., Gary Rojas, Trip63, Gori, Chk Dsk, Imagine Nation Design Studios, WUJI Toys, Slimsulit, Klaris Artworks, Lab Monkeys, Kwestone, EGG FIASCO, Reerustart, Happy Garaje, Oodplex, Ajlavilla, Mad Monkey, Big C, Shdw Mask, Kultoyz, Kaiiizer, A StgFsh, Juan Lunaii, Jon Timbre, Zebulon, Deathlycutetoys, Boyish Doll, tiger3436, and Dondi Fernandez.

Make sure you join in as it’s going to be a blast. It’s such a momentous occasion to see our kababayans show off their wares in a global platform. We firmly believe that our art toy scene and artists should be exposed further, simply because we got the talent and skills down pat. Thanks to Stormy Vault and their Filipino Show, it is happening!

Speaking of Filipino artistry, here are some unique takes on the legendary Sinigang. 


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