When you think of blue cartoon characters, the first thing that comes to mind are The Smurfs! This time around, we won’t be seeing them on a screen, but on Supreme’s Week 6 Fall/Winter 2020 drop, where the New York-based streetwear brand has just unveiled its full collaboration with ‘The Smurfs’.

Originally created as comic book characters in 1958 by Pierre Culliford, Les Schtroumpfs has become better known as The Smurfs. Through the years, the cast of characters has grown in popularity and has branched out to several different platforms such as contemporary films, television series, theme parks, video games, and more. Evidently, the characters have now branched out even to fashion.

Check out the complete list of Supreme X ‘The Smurfs’ items below!

The centerpiece of the Week 6 ‘The Smurfs’ drop is the leather jacket with Smurf graphics found on the back. Accompanied the large graphic is the ‘Supreme’ lettering in a classic The Smurfs font found on both the right and left sleeve of the jacket. The black, white, and blue provide the piece with a very interesting contrast.

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While the dark sweater is in line with the negative emotion portrayed by the Smurf character found on the torse, the light sweater portrays a happy Smurf. In the background of the Smurf graphic are Supreme’s fist three letters, ‘SUP’.

The hooded sweatshirts provide several color options including neon yellow, blue, black, and beige. Embossed on this hooded sweatshirt’s back is a graphic depicting two Smurfs kissing each other and Supreme branding.

To partner with the rest of the collection, four beanies are also apart of the Week 6 Drop. Depicting a similar Smurf graphic as the rest of the collection, the beanie comes in the colors of white, camouflage, black, and yellow.

Last, but definitely not the least, the collection also includes a range of Supreme skateboards with minimal Smurf graphics. A Smurf character can be seen on the brand name’s ‘S’. Other than that, the deck boasts a minimal design.

Are you planning to cop anything from the collection? If you are, be ready on the Supreme Website on October 1 in the United States and October 3 in Japan. To see other past items apart from the Fall/Winter 2020 Supreme Drop, check out this article!


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