Rugs years back were just looked at for its purpose. Never did it cross our minds that the medium now can be an inclusion to the streetwear lifestyle. It used to be clothing, sneakers, toys…and the infamous rug can now be a part of that list.
You can partly blame the current situation wherein we are stuck at home: we are indeed turning our spaces into more aesthetically pleasing ones. Plus, they are so nice to look at…and very Instagram-worthy at that!
Customizable as is it is functional, our guest this week is a brand that has incorporated the said medium into their brand–and they are becoming the top of mind choice among personalites in this hard-to-pigeon-hole scene.
Ladies and gentlemen meet Syndrome Supply
Drop some facts! How did you get the rug fever and how did you incorporate it into your
We actually started with custom mirrors as our first line of service for our sub brand –SyndrHOME which provides customized furniture. As one of the pioneer custom rug manufacturers here in the Philippines, we honestly didn’t think that the service would boom here in the Philippines, we simply just wanted to make rugs for ourselves and ultimately decided that we wanted to share our craft and creativity to our followers by adding the service as our second line for SyndrHOME.
Do you follow your customer 100% or do you suggest stuff to improve the whole project?
Provided that all our rugs are hand-sewn, designs sent to us by our customers are carefully analyzed by our rug team on whether the design would be feasible with the customer’s preferred size. However, as a way to help our customers achieve the best design for their liking, we also help our customers by offering a design service where we help them with mockups, look for better pegs, and even caricature their dogs so that we can turn them into rugs.
Can you share with us your brand/artist influences?
With our brand’s motto being “Lead Never Follow” we always try to draw inspiration from
ourselves, our daily thoughts, problems, ideas, and experiences. However, our design process is heavily influenced by the music we listen to–I sometimes find myself in a creative mood whenever I listen to Mac Miller, Jorja Smith, Travis Scott, Trippie Redd, and 6LACK.
Among your commissioned rugs, what would be your favorite projects?
Among the hundreds of rugs we’ve done for the past 3 months, we would say the best rugs
we’ve made were the 6×4 ft Dohoncho Mindset for Sir Mark Maglasang of Ex Batallion, the 6 supercar rugs for R33 Cars for Raymond Ronquillo, the Project 7 to 1 Dusty rug for Sir Carlo Ople and the 4×4 Murakami Rug for a private client.
If you were to have a dream project with a celebrity, who would it be and why?
If we’re speaking locally, the team would love to have a project with the likes of Nadine Lustre provided that her overall branding + style really fits with our sense of fashion and branding. However, if we were speaking internationally, it would be a dream of ours to work with the likes of Travis Scott, ASAP Rocky, Tyler the Creator, or the people behind Aimé Leon Dore.
Why rugs as your art canvas of choice?
Rugs have always been considered as a functional piece. However, I also think that fusing the concept of customizing with furniture such as our mirrors and rugs gives our followers/target market the power to freely control how they want their living spaces to look like! I also think that because of this pandemic, a lot of people have grown tired of the same environment they see everyday–this is why I feel that through SyndrHOME we are able to provide customized services that can give people the chance to rework/remodel/renovate or even alter the look of their living spaces. We also find it very very fun and fulfilling to see other people’s designs in rug format! I’m currently working on a number of 6×4 ft rugs – I can’t wait for you guys to see them!
Future plans for Syndrome Supply? Let your followers know!
Here’s an exclusive take! We’re actually launching a collab collection with a very fun partner sooner than you guys think. So stay tuned for that!
Message to our readers, how can they get in touch with you?
People who wish to inquire/purchase from our custom rugs and mirrors can send us a dm on our Instagram and our Facebook page.  They can also check out our website to purchase from our numerous apparel collections. 
While you’re planning out what rug you want to have made, you should also check out our best budget sneaker picks from Zalora. 


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