Ever heard of a fashion brand that trolls so hard that it’s already second nature to them?

Balenciaga is definitely a top of mind brand when it comes to luxury streetwear, but that doesn’t mean the said label can’t have fun. Clearly, Balenciaga is an ace with its troll moments, and we think thatthere are some fashion trolls over there at their HQ. We’ve picked some funny, amusing collaborations and creations under their name….

Balenciaga Faux Fur-Covered Track Sandal 

Their iconic track sneaker is a nice functional silhouette. But all that goes out the window with a dose of fur. The all-black, Demna Gvasalia designed shoe was re-appropriated for a more winter feel. Glad to say that they’re made of faux fur or they’ve made some PETA members furious.

Balenciaga X Playstation 

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How about a collaboration with a gaming console—with pieces that are even more expensive than the console itself?

An unexpected collab with Sony Playstation 5, the collection will run you $499 which is a bit higher than the actual console. Crazy!

Balenciaga X CROCS 

A weird fashion reimagination of the iconic foam clogs. This one is done up with a stiletto twist which makes the usually comfortable CROCS extra uncomfortable and off-putting to the regular joe’s eye.

Care for uncomfortable CROCS? Then be our guest.

Balenciaga X Fortnite 

Outfitting your favorite Fortnite characters, Balenciaga has upped the ante once again by jazzing up the wardrobes of Ramirez, Knight, Doggo and Banshee.

Conceptualized as digital takeaways on the brand’s recent runway designs, every outfit comes equipped with weapons and accessories vital for gaming game and for fashion as well.

Balenciaga Zipper Necklace 

Call it grunge-y, but this is a necklace you won’t need… ever.

Done up in “Aged Silver Zamak”, the zip necklace is designed choker style that will fit the punk aesthetic more than high fashion. Yes, these guys are trolling hard!

Balenciaga X Donda 

Fresh from the Donda drop, Kanye West has decided to work with the brand for a series of wearable and un-wearable offerings.

Of course, there are the usual shirts and long sleeves and hats. But the Black Mask complete with zippered eyeholes just cracks us up. Honestly who would need a mask? Unless you’re robbing a bank or it’s Halloween, it’s stupid, excessive and funny.

What makes this merch drop even peculiar? It is branded as “engineered by Balenciaga” and is cheaper than your usual Balenciaga items—proof that the fashion house knows when to troll subtly.

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