Vans is partnering up once again with Japanese streetwear staple NEIGHBORHOOD for their latest collection, as they reimagine the iconic footwear while paying homage to Anaheim Factory through interpretations of signature styles. We were given the amazing opportunity to try on a pair from the amazing four designs available as we review VANS x NEIGHBORHOOD Old Skool 36 DX here at This Is Hype Ph.

Founded in 2004 by Shinsuke Takizawa, NEIGHBORHOOD draws inspiration from retro style. Uniting brands’ DNA with a shared heritage and vision, Vans and NEIGHBORHOOD present two distinct silhouettes namely the Era 95 DX in grey and seagrass, and Old Skool 36 DX in aluminum and birch colorways. 

As mentioned, we were given the opportunity to try on a pair from the collection and we specifically got the Old Skool 36 DX in the birch colorway. We were able to try the pair on for an entire day as we dish out our thoughts and official review of the pair. 

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VANS x NEIGHBORHOOD Old Skool 36 DX Review


Both silhouettes apply suede uppers with the embossed detail of “CRAFT WITH PRIDE TOKYO EST. 1994” on the sidewall. The letterings of  “NBHD URBAN CLASSICS” and “NBHD” are placed on the toes and heels respectively and these elements are combined in a one-tone color palette to create a pale and soft look. The designs of this collection are pretty sick, to be honest, in their simplicity. A huge bonus is the fact that the pale shades and tones and uniformity in color aren’t too dull but actually allow a lot of room for easy pairing with any outfit. In its simplicity the design allows a clean-looking pair of sneakers to shine which are immediately an eye-catcher when you step into a room.

We chose the birch colorway for two primary reasons. We wanted the simplicity and light-toned colors to pop up and actually see it for ourselves on hand. On this front, we were actually pleased. We also wanted to check out how the chosen color would fair in time against dirt. The fact that the pair consists primarily of suede for the uppers makes it admittedly hard to clean. This is admittedly all the more visible with the birch color. This is probably one of the downsides to the pair and the chosen colorway but the good news is that the collection does offer a variety of colors with a darker shade than this one. In fact, the birch colorway is the lightest among the bunch.

vans neighborhood Old Skool Review

Despite this little downside, we still absolutely love the design and color of the VANS x NEIGHBORHOOD Old Skool 36 DX even the birch colorway. It’s clean looking and easy to mix and match with any OOTD. The simplicity of the design and clean-cut nature of it provides a very aesthetic appeal. It furthermore boasts the collaboration of the two brands in a very subtle manner and therefore doesn’t create a loud boisterous publication of the brands but you also see the distinct and very noticeable differences of this pair compared to those that have come before from Vans.


vans neighborhood Old Skool Review

The fit of the VANS x NEIGHBORHOOD Old Skool 36 DX is admittedly snug and we, therefore, recommend that you get a 0.5 to 1 size bigger. The inside of the shoe is made up of an almost synthetic leather-like material that proves to be a bit warm on the feet. This said the pair is for the most part very comfortable to wear but the sizing should be at the top of your mind when you decide to get a pair. I reverted to my usual size of 10.5 for this pair and for longer walks and use throughout the entire day found it to be a bit on the strenuous side for the toes given that I also have relatively wide feet. That being said they still manage to do the job in terms of comfortability and can last you pretty much the entire day with leisurely walking.

vans neighborhood Old Skool Review

One of the concerns I usually have with such shoes however is the pull tab area and counter lining at the back of the shoes. This however is not an issue with the VANS x NEIGHBORHOOD Old Skool 36 DXs. There’s a nice leather pad for the counter lining which gives additional comfort and support for the back of the ankle which I find to be a great feature compared to the classic canvas sneakers from Vans.


vans neighborhood Old Skool Review

As seen in our review, the new collection from VANS x NEIGHBORHOOD, especially the Old Skool 36, boasts great, simple yet clean-looking pairs of sneakers that are perfect for sport for almost any type of occasion. The simplicity allows ease for pairing up with almost any type of clothing as well. Given that there are a few caveats to the pair that we should be aware of such as sizing and the overall maintenance and cleaning of the suede uppers, these can admittedly be easily overlooked. If you are looking for your next Vans sneaker, we highly recommend that you check these ones out. 


The Vans x NEIGHBORHOOD collection will be available beginning October 29th, 2022 only at Vans SM Megamall and Commonwealth PH stores. 


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