Sneaker customizing is not a walk in the park. It’s just not for everyone. It takes a lot of knowledge, science and a vast understanding when it comes to the workings of a shoe. Making it look good is a part of it, but making it durable regardless of rigorous movement as well as the material choices really do count.

With the likes of Shoe Surgeon, it’s safe to say that we have RG Conopio AKA RG Skills in our corner to prove that we also got it when it comes to customization.

At first, making a name for himself with the sneaker restoration game, it was a huge responsibility on his part as the pairs he was made to work on were grails. Meaning they were priceless as they are almost impossible to obtain- crazy market prices and all.

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A day in the life of…

Yours truly has been a customer for years. Seeing RG nail his sneaker restorations one by one with flying colors, I can attest that it’s high time for the guy to step his game up.

Nike Dunk Freddy Krueger SB’s restored by RG Skills
Nike Dunk SB Supreme Restoration by RG Skills

While RG started with simple sneaker restorations of grails, he has educated himself to the next level by creating sneakers of his own.

Then he realized, he wanted to do more.

His two latest works that made the rounds in social media was the Jordan 1’s in snake material and his Tinker Hatfield inspired Air Max 1’s. Both of which were painstakingly done with selected materials and fine craftsmanship.

Tinker Hatfield Inspired Air Max 1’s. Peep the Jumpman!
Bespoke Nike Air Max 1 White Cement inspired from Air Jordan 3 made of full grain pebbled and nappa leather, sheepskin inner collar and original soles of air max 1 lace by Lace Swap Project PH/Paulo Supe; embroidered Jumpman and heel tab by Pij Deguzman

No, they’re not done overnight—they took a crazy deal of time to make. That being said, they don’t come cheap—none of this caliber does anyway.

Bespoke Air Jordan 1’s “The First Dance” Custom Air Jordan 1 Black/Red Python

Individuality is key when it comes to bespoke sneakers. Sure, they may be expensive and time-consuming, but there is something in the fact that your custom shoe is made for you and you alone.

We asked RG how he got his hands fully dirty on customizing sneakers:

“To sum it all up, I came to full-on sneaker customizing because I was challenged about the whole deconstruction X reconstruction process.

I also was inspired by a sneaker restorer from the US and I decided to finally invest in equipment and materials as well as sign up for shoemaking classes, just the basics, and I picked it all up from there. 

The most difficult part is investing in the materials which I had to find and purchase one by one. Every shoe is unique so I had to track all the needed materials for the projects I was commissioned to do.” 

Well said, you can get in touch with RG Skills here! 

Photos by Niko Villegas 





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