Rock music and toys have always been kindred spirits. From Metallica, to Ozzy Osbourne, to The Misfits, there will always be that action figure or collectible toy that pays tribute to these iconic musicians. The two are just inseparable.

Once a musician sees his/her likeness on a toy sculpt that’s when the reality kicks in that they actually made it. Immortalized and cherished by their most hardcore fans for years to come.

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The same goes for this Filipino first in the form of GORI and GreyhoundzReg Rubio for a limited edition toy. Just a few days ago, both of them posted a barrage of teasers and toy reveal photos which got both rock and toy communities excited.

The figure even has a backpack- talk about details.

Reg Rubio is the definition of an iconic frontman. His voice, his look, and overall charisma have captivated rock audiences for the longest time. The toy captures his overall vibe: the red hoodie, the long socks, the sneakers, and that trademark facial expression are spot on!

The GORI spin comes from the gorilla mask that you can make your Reg figure rock or carry around as demonstrated by Bigboy Cheng. Known for his gorilla and ape-inspired characters, this is definitely one that adds to his rich list of masterpieces.

Dubbed as “AMAT SURE”, this Gori x Reg Rubio figure will be dropping this August 31 at Medisina Cubao Expo and the Medisina Online Store.

The 5-inch resin figure with a detachable magnetic mask. The customized wooden display box has a sliding cover and engraved frame. Safe to say, A LOT of time and effort has been dedicated to this project which makes it a must-have!

Reg with Mini Reg

Priced at Php 7,500 and limited to only 50 pieces,  best be on the lookout for this drop as it will be gone fast, definitely a first and a win for the heavy rock scene so don’t sleep!

Also, a few months ago, we actually interviewed GORI, so best check that out as well.

Speaking of other releases you shouldn’t be sleeping on, you should check out this Nike SB Nyjah Houston 2 collab that we just reviewed.


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