In today’s world of sneakers, there are so many pairs dropping that you just lose sight of the essential stuff. First, the sneakers have to look good, feel good, and is priced just right.

For sure, we spend some hard-earned cash on grail pairs but let’s face it, how many times are we rocking them? Are we getting a ton of mileage from them? The limited-edition, hard-to-find stuff that admittedly are putting major dents in our wallets? More often than not they just stay in our closets waiting for a special occasion.

But then, imagine our excitement when we came across this shoe under pro skate Nyjah Huston‘s name. His second signature sneaker under Nike SB in collaboration with famed artist Samborghini– an artist known for his unique airbrushed styled works for Billie Eilish, Migos, and other popular artists under the sun. Definitely a match in style heaven.

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Being an underrated Nike sneaker that dropped locally, we review the SB Nyjah Samborghini Free 2 and see why this is a nice sneaker to add to your rotation.

An actual from the box shot. due to my excitement, a slightly blurred one.

The Materials 

First off, right out of the box, you will be treated to nice pops of color. The mesh uppers have this sick shade of blue that fades from the toe box up. The contrasting rubber in black with red add depth to the palette while Nike Free tech can be found on the soles for better foot action either when you’re chilling or skating.

The graphic insoles by Samborghini are a treat in itself. Usually found on limited edition Nikes, his art is amazing! On another note, the mesh uppers are a nice touch especially here in the Philippines when your foot gets funky with leather and suede. The breathability is…a breath of fresh air.

What’s New? 

As Nyjah Huston’s shoes often are caught in the shuffle with Paul Rodriguez and Eric Koston’s Pro models, it’s been said that this shoe is definitely hovering above the radar of most sneaker/skate heads. It’s a functional and stylish shoe that definitely has the “it” factor with a nice unorthodox choice of materials. 

Upon wearing the said shoe, it’s a pleasant surprise that I got compliments regarding them; queries on where I got them, and others more.

Normally, sneakers are often ignored by most people who are not really into the hype side of things, but this pair got some attention from people who I least expected to look, let alone take a second glance at them.

The Sizing

Nyjah’s sneakers are known to have a thin profile since he specifically wanted them that way. If you want a nice relaxed fit, go half-size up. If you want them to perform specifically for skateboarding go true to size. It’s a very comfortable shoe with the mesh giving you the extra stretch so both options won’t be a problem.

Where to Buy Them? 

It’s currently available via the Nike webstore for just Php 5,595 with a healthy size run. It may be a bit more expensive than your usual Nyjah Pro model, but considering this is a collaboration, it’s worth the added premium to the tag.

Nike SB Nyjah Samborghini Free 2 Review verdict

From the looks, the feel, the cultural weight, and price point, when was the last time you got an actual SB for retail, and a collaboration at that? It is definitely a nice example of a shoe that doesn’t really get much clout but provides you more value for your hard-earned money. 

A must cop! beat them up, skate in them, whatever. This shoe has already 20KM under our belt as it just feels better worn than on the shelf – and that’s becoming a rarity in this world of fast cash and limited edition stuff. Highly recommended! 

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