Limited edition art toys are all the rage now! What better way is it is celebrate and showcase the artform in an online global event with the Stormy Vault Southeast Asia Show? 

Stormy Vault is a platform that supports artists with their respective customer base and obsessed collectors via showcases, digital releases and virtual meet and greets. Basically if you’re into art toys, then this is your turf!

Below is a recap from 2020, imagine how fun it would be for this year?

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The good news is that Stormy Vault has an upcoming Southeast Asia Show this May 15 that showcases talents from Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, and yes, our very own…the Philippines.

Here’s Stormy Vault’s first Filipino show fresh from a few months ago, to whip your appetite and set up your expectations:


Imagine these artists from different parts of Asia getting their wares out in none other than New York City? Stormy Vault boasts of a highly interactive platform where collectors get to participate, interact, and buy and bid for their prized toy acquisition targets! Best of all, they can hang out in a virtual venue catering to the artform!

This show is in collaboration with:
  • _rainyday
  • aarifin_amin
  • Addy Debil
  • Arman Kendrick
  • Boyish Doll
  • bryanlieart
  • Chebbear
  • 當我們ㄍㄡˇ在一起 Dog Together
  • PYT Room
  • ermisa__
  • fivust
  • De CLAY Studio
  • Studio JITTI
  • Michael CHUAH 蔡诗中
  • Mossyjanny Character&Toys
  • Kenji Chai
  • Mr Kumkum
  • Jade Kuei
  • Nat a Toy
  • onikspopssial
  • Greenie & Elfie
  • Kurobokan
  • Poriin
  • Ramarama
  • tatorigami
  • thahoodmax
  • Little Squirrel by Lookplu8
  • Vomit Thunder

Make sure to stay tuned to this event! It is happening via Facebook Live from their page this May 15, 8:00PM EST, as you are in for a treat!

Speaking of going global, catch WEARy Studios and his works before he does launch himself to international status!


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