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UPDATE: St. Benilde made clarifications on the inclusions of the tuition fee, along with the updated dates for the program.

Designer toys have become a subgenre for street culture nowadays. It’s a given that someone into sneakers and streetwear probably has a liking for a Quiccs or Wetworks piece or two. It’s been a fact that toys are now part of the street culture and it’s exciting!

This also goes hand in hand with a few fans with talent going the extra mile. That hunger to create and come up with one’s own creation and design is something that’s out there only unentertained because there isn’t really a school that offers formal training for it.

Well, fret not no more, De La Salle College of Saint Benilde is offering aspiring toy designers the chance of a lifetime via the School of Professional and Continuing Education or “SPaCE” program.

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The Toy Development Course from Benilde aims to empower today’s talent to go all out and start making their dreams a reality.

Exploring the whole nine yards of toy making is not a joke and this course will help art toy hopefuls make it happen. The course is carried out by toy designer extraordinaire A.B. Cruz, whose impressive toy resume includes displayed and archived works from past ToyCon PH events and a whole lot of toys that he designed himself.

How Long Will The Course Be? 

The classes are composed of 4 sessions–all happening through 4 Saturdays–that take 32 hours all in all. This includes: toy development, the right tools to use, the process of prototyping and proofing and finally, the sweet outcome–your own toy!

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How Much Will It Cost? 

The Toy Development Course from Benilde costs Php 11,895. Truly not bad, considering most aspiring art toy makers know how much each art toy costs: this time, they can make their own at a fraction of the price even turn their lives around and be the next big thing!

Do note that the cost does not include materials to be used since St. Benilde expects hobbyists applying for the course to have them. As for the newbies, St. Benilde can help them by providing the suppliers where they can purchase the materials needed for the course.

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Also, it has to be said that the course requires applicants to have an understanding of Intermediate drawing for them to maximize the whole program. The program is scheduled to take place on all Saturdays of June: 19, 26, July 3, and 10. If you fancy creating your own toy, you are only a few steps away from your very own toy creation, by registering right here.

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