Podcasting and Social Media are both powerful mediums to spread the word much about anything be it brands, music or services. The best of all is that they are free and ready for the taking for those who want to utilize them.

Neil Dimapilis has taken both to heart and is giving the masses much needed tips and advice on how to keep up in such a fast moving digital based world – it’s either you are on it or left out.

Through his podcast 5 Minutes Social Media Tips With Neil he gives out advice and nuggets of digital wisdom for those who wish to thrive in this career of specialization. Not bad for a guy who started out as a sneaker obsessed individual…

So here it goes, our convo with Mr. Neil Dimapilis.

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First off, how did you get into the podcasting game? Was it just for fun and amusement at first?

A year ago I thought of starting a Facebook community about social media marketing that would cater to people’s needs, those who wants to transition from traditional jobs to digital jobs especially those who were laid off because of the pandemic and for those who wanted to earn a little extra on the side. For it to be a platform wherein experienced practitioners can help out those are still new in the industry. 

Then I realized it would take up a lot of time answering questions and posts one by one, checking every inquiry not that I don’t want to answer or help them it was just that for me personally it was very counterproductive already, so I thought of starting my own podcast wherein I would create bite sized episodes that would be easily digested by the masses and those who are always busy but can still listen to it on the background.

Your tips are amazing and effective, the feedback is great as well. How do you come up with them? 

In terms of coming up with episode topics it’s a mix of personal experiences coming from 3 years of being part of a digital marketing agency the other topics were just based on what I see.

I sometimes ask my community members at Social Media Marketing Philippines what they want to learn next or hear about next, I really want to cater to their needs and what people really want to learn rather than making the podcast all about me.

You are one creative chap! I’ve known you for sneaker illustrations and all. Do you plan to integrate that with your program?  

HAHAHA I think for now sneaker illustrations and my podcast will not be meeting at a crossroad pero let’s see since everything is very uncertain and at the end of the day kahit naman hindi na ako ganun ka active sa sneaker community yan padin naman ang roots ko hahaha.

We can’t let this interview pass without sneakers. What are your favorites? 

Favorite sneakers I guess would be timeless pieces na lang siguro and these are pairs such as New balance 990 V3 – V5 or the 325’s, Chuck 70’s or a good pair of Slip on Vans Vaults! Lumagpas na tayo sa phase na kung anong in kung anong hype yun yung hinahabol, I still appreciate those pairs but at the end of the day kailangan nadin maging practical kaya I’d stick with these.

Since you’ve went on with 5 Minutes Social Media Tips, what are your biggest takeaways and lessons from it so far? 

Biggest takeaways or lessons from it is people are really looking for something that they can learn from or listen to people who would add value to them and that’s something that’s more powerful than any street cred or clout.

If you’re adding value to people and people are learning something from you then you’re doing alright.

If you were to feature a celebrity to interview for your podcast, who would it be and why? 

If I were to feature a celeb to interview in my podcast I think it would be Todd McFarlane or Bobby Hundreds.

Their story on how they started their brands or businesses are really and inspiration to me.

I remember a friend of mind Rem Brofar recommending their Complex videos on YouTube on these are their from their videos that I still hold up till now.

Todd McFarlane: “Always make things sexy!”

Bobby Hundreds: “ Do you want to be 40 years old and have spent the entirety of your life doing something you do not love?”

What is “Social Media” according to Neil in a nutshell? 

Social Media is a very powerful tool be in on a marketing aspect or not, it really boils down on how we use it, how we maximize it and how we optimized it.

Your message to our readers?

If you want to pursue something and are still doubting yourself whether you should start or not. Just take that leap and start it be it a small passion project, a podcast, a clothing line, a youtube channel or whatever then do it with the mindset of creating content that would add value to other peoples lives. In todays generation where not so good content is so rampant great and quality content that offers value will go a long way!

I’m a college drop out who tried to pursue a career in graphics design and ended up being a digital marketer who is now helping almost 30,000 people by my community that I started 1 year ago, with 3,000 followers on spotify. I’m sharing you these numbers not to brag (to be honest hindi pa nga wow yang numbers na yan) but imaging if I gave up or never even started in the first place. I’m not saying na ang galing ko na dahil sakin may natutunan mga tao, but I took that leap of faith and persevered na I do not earn from this knowing that I get to help people is something that I feel grateful about what I am doing and would still continue to do.

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