Summer is right around the corner! And as we slowly work our way back towards the new normal, this is the perfect opportunity to show off your new fits. Although I know how it can be, coming up with the perfect outfit isn’t always easy. Thankfully, we have social media and local fashion icons for that! When in doubt, feel free to check out the following Top 10 Pinoy Fashion Instagram Accounts for Men:

1. @wavesworld97

Wave’s World is a fashion account ran by Filipino basketball player Kobe Paras. His style is majorly composed of designer, streetwear, and vintage items that are curated and put together by himself. Frequently rocking bright colors and designs, this is definitely an account to follow if you’re looking to break some necks in your summer drip.

2. @matt8santiago

Matt Santiago also happens to be a basketball player for the UP Fighting Maroons. It’s no surprise that local athletes are dressed in the freshest fits because sport, streetwear, and pop culture are heavily intertwined. Playing with colors and contrast, Matt Santiago is commonly seen in both vintage and streetwear pieces that work seamlessly together.

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3. @cjcansinoo

Directed towards a more smart-casual aesthetic, Cj Cansino utilizes light earthy tones to achieve a laid-back fashion statement. Perfect for a stroll around the city, or even a quick day trip to the beach, these pieces manage to provide both style and comfort even in the warm weather.

4. @njaybejona

Njay Bejona partners essential pieces such as denim shorts and AF1’s with more unique accessories such as scarves to achieve a more high-end streetwear aesthetic. It goes to show that you don’t always need to spend a big check to look good.

5. @justinbangsil

On his Instagram account, Al Justin Bangsil boasts a deep understanding of fashion. Mixing elements from different fashion styles to end up with a cohesive final outfit takes skill, and that’s exactly what you get.

6. @davidguison

Currently stationed in Siargao, David Guison has learned how to partner the chill island life with his wardrobe. Considering David is currently surrounded by nature, the earthy tones found throughout his outfit compliment his environment. And it goes without saying, beach fits are perfect for the summertime.

7. @juangdl9

Sponsored by Nike, Juan Gómez de Liaño makes sure to rock the Swoosh from head to toe. As seen above, he makes it seem effortless as the light tones accentuate the bright orange on his Shattered Backboard Jordan 1s.

8. @brentymanalo

Utilizing baggy clothing and light colors, Brent Manalo shows us how to stay comfy while remaining stylish. His page is filled with laid-back fits perfect for a hot and humid day that aren’t difficult to replicate so that you too can cruise easy.

9. @jpbdeleon

Sleeveless shirts aren’t only for the gym or at home. In fact, they can even be partnered with pants for the perfect summer look. As seen above, sometimes it just takes a simple accessory like a bucket hat to complete the fit to confidently take a walk outside.

10. @leonardoflorida

Bringing back a retro look, Leon Florida frequently partners loose-fitting pants with vintage outerwear. He reminds us that you shouldn’t only dress according to your generation –  travel through time, or even better combine pieces from different eras!

That concludes our list for the Top 10 Pinoy Fashion Instagram Accounts for Men. Which fit and account was your favorite? Let us know! And if you’re planning to just stay home this summer, check out our Hype List – Flicks You Need To Watch: June 2021 Edition!


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