The heat in Manila is definitely in full swing. And while we might see rainy days soon, there’s still time to strut your summer OOTD. Need inspiration for what to wear in the waning days of summer? We’ve got you covered. Here are our top 10 female summer styles for summer 2021:

1. Laureen Uy: The Oversized Shirt 

Content creator and fashionista, Laureen, is known for her cool and vibrant street style that’s both wearable and eye-catching. For summer 2021, she opted to go with oversized tees, a streetwear staple that looks good because of how easy and effortless it is and the comfort that it brings. Follow her fashion and lifestyle adventure plus other features in her vlog.

2. Nadine Lustre: Cool in Monochrome 

Nadine’s fashion sense has definitely come a long way since her Diary ng Panget: The Movie days. Much like her latest album, Wildest Dreams, her style as a performer is inspired by her artistic vision – edgy and cool yet still relatable. For this particular look though, she keeps things simple and chic. Here is Nadine, looking fab in a white ensemble.

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3. Camille Co-Koro: Girly in Green 

Here is another fashion-forward lady who’s been on the radar for quite some time, sporting a seemingly unending runway-like wardrobe that we surely love! This new mom/businesswoman (Curio Cavern, The Canton Club PH) is looking girly and fresh in a green summer dress. We love how chic summer dresses are, but also, they’re really perfect for beating the heat!

4. Vina Guerrero: Rocking the Crop Top 

It’s summer so crop tops are definitely perfect for those extremely warm days when less is more. We love unique crop tops like Vina’s that make a statement. Like her style? Check out Vina’s Closet. Her style is not limited to clothes as she also curates home décor for her other venture, Vesta Studio PH.

5. Lissa Kahayon: Stylish in Joggers 

Joggers don’t have to be boring! Dress them up with boots, a stylish top, or maybe even a dressy bag. For fab fashion deals, visit K Sib’s Closet. Oh, and she also has a vlog with her sister. Solid stuff!

6. AC Bonifacio: A Fresh and Fun Sporty Look

AC is known for her amazing dance moves that look oh-so-effortless. She’s so good that she actually won second place in Blackpink’s “How You Like That” dance cover contest.

Aside from that, she is also known for her funky, streetwear style that makes her videos even better.

7. Vernie Cenciso: Summer Casual

There are days when we just want to go full-on casual, but trust us, you can still look good! Case in point, Vernie, who’s also the owner of VV and Co. PH, a perfume brand.

8. Sarah Lahbati: The Classic White Shirt 

Our 8th pick of the top female summer styles in 2021 is this stylish momma. Lahbati is looking great on Instagram with her chic blonde bob, sporting different looks from vintage, girly, to sporty. We love this white shirt ensemble she put together. On the real, white shirts are one of our favorite streetwear pieces because of how clean and classy it makes a person look.

9. Nicole Anderson: Fancy in Print

Tailored prints have this way of making you look like a movie star. Polka dots are very Pretty Woman-esque. Remember Julia Robert’s horse race scene? We still dream of owning her dress. Nicole is a content creator for all things beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. We love looking at her feed as well as her vlog.

10. Renée DG: Chic in Vintage 

This girl’s flair for style goes beyond great, great outfits because Renée is a fashion designer as well. She owns her own line, R Studios, a brand featuring pretty, feminine pieces, with a touch of edgy vintage. The choice to pair this reworked top from It’s Vintage with pearls is brilliant, transforming the outfit’s otherwise casual look, to an eye-catching statement.

We hope you enjoyed reading it! What’s your pick for the top female summer styles this year? By the way, we also have a men’s edition of this article, so give it a click!






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