The Banale Active Mask is a washable and re-usable high-quality face mask that’s made in Italy. It stops dust, pollen, and bacteria which is something we pretty much all need to avoid these days with the on-going pandemic. Apart from the protection, it’s also a great investment because you won’t need to keep buying disposable masks every time you go out. They’re washable and re-usable. Just wash it with cold running water and maybe spray it a bit with alcohol and you’re all set.

They’re good enough to run with as well. So if you wanna run outdoors once GCQ starts, this is probably one of the best masks you can pick up.

Each mask can be washed 30x before you need to replace it with a new one. If you’ll be using it the whole day, it’s recommended that you wash it daily. If you will just use it for errands or a few hours daily, you can give it a full wash after 2-3 days but we recommend you spray it with alcohol prior to wearing without washing.

For the fashion conscious, the masks come in several colors which makes it “fun” to style: military green, deep blue, midnight black, and pink. Each mask sells for P1,300 and they recently restocked on Lazada. You might want to order one (or a couple) before they run out. The last time they restocked they sold out in just a couple of hours. You can shop for them on Lazada here.

If ever you guys buy one, let us know what you think of the mask in the comments section down below.

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