It’s been said countless times, but it is true anyway: the details make all the difference between something good and something great. Nadine’s Wildest Dreams collection–which released last November 9, is a testament to the creative vision, work, and meticulousness that was put into the overall concept of Wildest Dreams project.

The Wildest Dreams merchandise was designed by Careless Creative Director, and all-around design guy, @zonlee, while triART was the lab that brought these designs into life. 

“Prior to my departure in my role at Careless, Nadine and the rest of the team had already been putting in countless hours in the studio recording, conceptualizing, and filming for the Visual Album. When my partner, Paulo Jordan and I began triART, one of the first projects we really wanted to give the time to was Nadine and her album, Wildest Dreams. And I’m comfortable to say we did just that!” shares  Ken Monares, triART Co-Founder.

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“I know for sure that the “creative freedom” expressed throughout Nadine’s Visual Album and sound selection also rippled throughout how @zonlee designed the collection. It is a modern take on print design and how an artist’s merchandise is delivered and received visually.” 

triART was quite meticulous in fabric selection (especially in the quality and feel), the construction of the pieces, as well as the design application. 

After receiving the designs from Careless, it was just a matter of portraying and maintaining the same amount of attention to detail and quality throughout the physical pieces themselves. 

Design application in itself is something that we’re super proud of. We have a team of highly experienced people in our printing division who have been able to take the designs (no matter how complex) and bring them to life,” explains Ken. 

Want to create your own collection?

triART is  an end-to-end design, production, and retail lab. They partner with artists and creatives to provide a holistic solution to enabling e-commerce success through original art. Some artists that they have collaborated with are Chino Villagracia, Lee Caces, and Jappy Agoncillo.

Artists can message triART on any platform, and express their requirements or what they want to achieve with a collection or piece. triART will assess the feasibility of their design, suggest alternatives on design application and fabric, after which, the design is executed.

“The idea for triART came about in June during the height of the pandemic, and I was looking to catch up with friends and just connect.  I happened to schedule a Zoom call with Paulo, who was the coach for our Rugby team. 

The general idea behind the brand is to really empower creatives and artists by not only giving them a platform, but also providing them access to facilities, and help put their artwork onto wearable-mediums, thus providing risk-free income for these artists who live off their art.

When asked to describe Nadine as an artist, Ken says, “Nadine is a very talented, YET very hard-working individual. You don’t see that type of grit in just anybody these days.”


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